Custom Dance Shoes

Custom Dance Shoes. At Latin Dance Shoes Australia, we sell custom made dance shoes and dance boots. We also sell already made dance heels, but the ability to customise your dance heels from A to Z is one of our biggest strength.

Why? Because you can now buy dance footwear that meet your dance needs and dance experience while also meeting your unique aesthetic preferences. Making them the perfect dancer shoes !

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dance shoes custom made

Custom Dance Shoes For dancers

At Latin Dance Shoes Australia we offer personalised and tailor-made dance shoes available specifically designed for individual dancers.

These dance shoes are crafted to meet the unique preferences, needs, and specifications of each dancer, allowing for a customized and personalized fit, style, or features.

The term “custom” indicates that our dance shoes are made to order, offering a level of individualisation that standard, mass-produced dance shoes (like Vivaz, Fuego, dance store, Bloch and many others) do not provide.

Dancing shoes for women heels
Custom dance shoes for your unique dancing needs

When shopping and buying dance shoes with us at Latin Dance Shoes Australia, you can choose and select 4 main attributes for most models. Each attributes has many more options. We listed the attributes bellow.

Custom Heel height

Custom Heel Shape

Customised Type of shoe sole

Custom Colourful Heels

Customised dance shoes heels height

heel height option for dance shoes

When shopping for dance shoes or dancing boot with Latin Dance Shoes Australia, you can customise and choose to personalise heel height for any dance footwear model online.

Choose from 1 inch to 4 inches or 2.8 centimetres to 10 centimetres heel height. Available dance heel height options are listed bellow or on displayed on the picture linked.

We offer up to 14 different heel heights.

open toe salsa shoes with glitter
custom latin dance shoes

Available options for your Custom made heel height for your dance shoes (in centimetres).

Listed bellow are our 14 different heel heights in centimetres.

Shop 2.8 centimetres custom dance shoes heel height, 3 centimetres heel height, 3.5 centimetres heels height dance shoes, 4 centimetres heels height dance heels, 4.5 centimetres heel height dancing shoes, 5 centimetres heel height dance shoe, 6 centimetres heel height dancing shoe, 7 centimetres heels dance shoes,  7.3 centimetres dance shoes, 8 centimetres heels dancing shoes, 8.3 centimetres heels dance shoe, 8.5 centimetres heels dancing shoe, 9 centimetres heel dance shoes, 10 centimetres heel dance shoe.

Available options for your Custom made heel height for your dance shoes (in inches).

Listed bellow are our 14 different heel heights in centimetres.

Shop 1 inch dance heel, 1.2 inches dancing heels, 1.5 inch dance shoes, 1.35 inch dancing shoes, 1.75 inch dance shoe, 2 inch heel dance shoes, 2.35 inches heels dance shoe, 2.75 inch heel dancing shoes, 2.8 inches heels dancing shoes, 3 inch heel shoes for dancing, 3.2 inch dancing shoe, 3.25 inches heels for dancing, 3.35 inches dance heel shoes, 4 inches custom dance shoes

Customise dance shoes heel shapes

Heel type and heel style dance shoes
Custom dance shoes heel height & shape

Opt for one of custom dance shoes’ shape option from the following list bellow.

Cuban heels Dance Shoes

  • Cuban heels: chunkier, perfect for beginners and provide better stability while dancing

Flare Heel Dance Shoes

  • Flared Heels: Are the perfect compromised between chunkier cuban heels and extremely thing stilettos dance heels that are recommend to advance dancers only.

Stilettos Heel Dance Shoes

  • Stiletto heels: Only recommended to intermediate to advanced dancers or people extremely confident walking in heels. Stiletto heels are extremely thin and have a very small heel tap and the smallest heel by radius. They are also usually the highest heels, making them the most challenging to dance with, especially if you are salsa dancing and executing extremely fast dance steps and footwork.

Learn all the different types of heels & check out our heels for dancers guide to help you choose the right heel shape for you.

Customise the type of sole to use them on any type of dance floor

suede sole dance shoes vs smooth leather sole dance shoes
Suede sole dance shoes on the left - Rubber sole on the right

We offer our dance customers to choose from one of the option listed bellow.

Rubber soles dance shoes

  • Rubber soles for outdoor dancing. You can use them on concrete, harsh dance floor, as well as wooden indoor dance floor. However note that with rubber as a type of dance shoe sole material, your dance shoes will be slightly more rigid and less flexible than if it was suede soles dance shoes.

Suede Soles Dance Shoes

  • Suede Soles dance shoes are made for indoor dancing only. Strictly to be used on wooden dance floor, otherwise you will damage your dancing shoes faster and you will not be able to maintain your new dance shoes for long.

Also read our guides to learn more about the type of soles and what are dance shoe soles made of.

Why do dance shoes have suede soles?

Customised Dance shoes colours

colour palette for patent leather shoes
Patent Leather custom dance shoes

Depending on the type of fabric we use, we offer about 30 colours variations for each fabrics. Learn more about what are your options for customised colourful shoes for dancers.

On the photo: Patent Leather colour options.

Shop custom fit Dance Shoes at Latin dance Shoes Australia

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Types of custom made dance shoes we sell at Latin Dance shoes Australia 

Custom made latin dance shoes

Custom ballroom dance shoes

Custom Salsa dance shoes

Custom bachata shoes

Custom Dance heels

Custom Dance Shoes

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How do custom heels contribute to foot health and overall well-being, especially for those deeply involved in dance as a lifestyle ?

ladies knee high boots
custom fit dance shoes & boots

Custom heels, tailored to individual foot anatomy and dance styles, contribute significantly to foot health for dedicated dancers.

The personalized fit minimizes the risk of discomfort, blisters, and foot fatigue, crucial for those deeply immersed in dance as a lifestyle. The alignment of the heel and arch support in custom designs enhances stability and reduces the strain on joints during intricate movements.

Buying custom dance shoes, you can also customise heel height and shape that provides more stability and comfort, depending on your unique needs as a dancer.

By prioritizing the unique needs of the dancer, custom heels not only elevate performance but also prioritize foot health, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being for those who view dance as an integral part of their daily lives.

What role can custom heels play in bringing ageless elegance to dance styles, challenging stereotypes and offering a timeless touch?

open toe salsa shoes with glitter
sparkly custom dance shoes

The customization process embraces diverse preferences, offering a broad spectrum of heel heights, shapes, and materials that transcend conventional expectations.

This inclusivity not only empowers dancers to showcase their individuality but also contributes to a more inclusive and diverse representation within the dance community, fostering a culture where elegance knows no age boundaries.

How can custom heels seamlessly integrate into diverse interests and hobbies, evolving from a dance accessory to a statement piece that reflects personal passions?

gold salsa shoes for dancing
Stiletto heel custom dance shoes

Custom heels seamlessly integrate into diverse interests and hobbies by offering a unique avenue for self-expression.

Beyond being a dance accessory, the customization process allows individuals to incorporate elements that resonate with their passions.

Whether it’s incorporating specific colors, materials, or design details, custom heels become a statement piece that reflects personal interests.

This evolution transforms the shoes into a canvas for self-expression, creating a bridge between one’s love for dance and their broader lifestyle.

The result is a pair of heels that not only complements dance attire but also becomes a tangible representation of the wearer’s multifaceted personality and unique passions.

For those juggling professional and dance commitments, how do custom heels serve as a bridge between work and dance, enhancing personal style in both realms?

heels for heels class
low heel custom dance shoes

When buying rubber soles, you can wear your dance shoes in or outside the dance floor. Many dancers purchase dance shoes with rubber soles and use them in a work setting because they are a lot more comfortable than regular heels.

The advantage is that you can use them to dance as well!

Beyond the dance floor, how can custom heels act as a unique conversation starter, fostering connections with individuals who share a love for dance and a unique sense of style?

womens knee high leather boots for dancing
Custom dance shoes & custom fit dance boots

Beyond the dance floor, custom heels become a distinctive conversation starter, fostering connections with like-minded individuals who share a love for dance and a unique sense of style.

The personalized designs create a visual narrative, prompting inquiries and discussions about the creative choices made during the customization process.

This shared appreciation for individuality and artistry serves as a bonding point, sparking conversations that extend beyond footwear preferences to shared dance experiences and stylistic expressions.

In this way, custom heels not only elevate personal style but also become a catalyst for forming meaningful connections within the dance community, creating a shared language of creativity and passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are custom dance shoes important ?

Custom dance shoes are important because they are tailored to meet the specific needs of a dancer, ensuring improved performance and comfort. The heel height affects balance and dance posture, while the heel shape can influence stability and weight distribution. The type of sole is crucial for the right amount of traction and slide, allowing dancers to execute movements with precision and safety.

You can buy quality custom dance shoes at Latin Dance Shoes Australia ( Customise heels height, heel shape, type of soles and select over 130 different colour variations.

Absolutely! You can custom made Latin Dance shoes by searching for custommade dance shoes manufacturer and retailers. The best one in Australia is Latin Dance Shoes Australia. Delivering worldwide custom made dance shoes & custom dance shoes that meet your needs.

Buying custom heel dance shoes are the best way to buy dance shoes that fit your dance needs, dance experience and a way to choose dance shoe colours that fit your personality.