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What are Sole dance shoes made of ?

What are sole dance shoes made of ? In this article we will go through the 3 main category of sole dance shoes and the four most common type of sole dance shoes. Learn What are sole dance shoes made of for latin ballroom dance shoes, jazz shoes, and swing dance shoes.

sole dance shoes materials

Table of Contents

What are the different components of a dance shoes ?

different components of dance shoes

Dance shoes are made of 5 major elements listed above.

Those applies to latin dance shoes, ballroom dance shoes, jazz shoes, swing dance shoes and dance sneakers.

Note that ballet dance shoes do not have a rigid high heel, and tap dance shoes also have an extra component which is a metallic component in order to create the noise while dancing (located on the toes and heels of the shoes).

In this article we specifically focus on type of sole dance shoes for latin dancing shoes, ballroom dancing shoes, jazz shoes, dance sneakers and hip hop dance shoes.

What are sole dance shoes made of ?

There are 4 main types of soles for dancers and dance shoes. They are listed bellow.

  • Rubber sole dance shoes
  • Leather sole dance shoes (includes leather and suede soles dance shoes)
  • Synthetic soles dance shoes (such as smooth PU leather soles)

Let’s dive into each of them and see what are sole dance shoes made of specifically.

Rubber sole shoes for dancers

sneakers for dancing salsa. Supportive Salsa dance sneakers and salsa dance shoes

Rubber soles for dance shoes are typically made from a sturdy, synthetic rubber material. This type of sole provides a good grip on various surfaces and is known for its durability. Rubber soles are commonly used in dance sneakers and certain dance shoes designed for street or hip-hop dance styles. The rubber used in these soles is a man-made material, and its origin can vary depending on the manufacturer.

Rubber soles are suitable for dancers who require support and traction on a variety of surfaces, including outdoor dance floor & settings and dance floors with different textures. They are particularly helpful for hip-hop and street dance styles that involve intricate footwork and movements where grip is essential. However, they may not provide the same level of smoothness or glide as suede soles on traditional dance floors.

Leather sole shoes for dancers

isabella dance boots heels Brisbane

Leather soles for dance shoes are crafted from high-quality leather materials. These soles are well-known for their smoothness, flexibility, and excellent gliding ability on dance floors. Leather soles are a popular choice for various dance styles, especially ballroom, Latin, and traditional dance forms. The leather used in these soles can be genuine or synthetic, depending on the dance shoe’s design and purpose. Genuine leather is derived from animal hides, while synthetic leather is a man-made alternative.

There are primarily two types of leather soles for dance shoes and they are listed bellow.

brown dance stiletto heels

1- Suede Soles (a type of Leather dance shoes)

 These are created by roughening the surface of the leather to provide an optimal balance of grip and glide. Suede soles are commonly used in ballroom and Latin dance shoes.

Suede soles are recommended for indoor dancing on a wooden dance floor. Suede soles shoes offer the best optimal performance for dancers who dance latin ballroom dancing on a wooden dance floor.

Comfortable boots for dancing in heels

2. Leather Soles (Leather dance shoes) 

 These are designed to offer maximum glide and minimal grip. They are typically used in traditional dance styles like ballet, tap, latin dances and ballroom dances. They are perfect for outdoor dance settings.

The choice between these two types of leather soles depends on the dance style, personal preferences, and the specific requirements of the dancer.

Indoor Dancing: Choose Suede Soles

Outdoor dancing: Choose Rubber or Smooth leather soles

Microfibre, synthetic or PU Leather sole shoes for dancers

Finally, the third option would be to use microfibre or synthetic materials such as PU leather or other types of synthetic materials. 

They are slightly less durable than genuine leather but offer a vegan alternative and are cheaper to produce, allowing us to provide you the best quality dance shoes at a much more affordable price.

Note that our Smooth leather sole is made of PU Leather – which is a synthetic material. This last longer and is a perfect vegan option for someone looking to buy vegan dance shoes.

What is PU Leather ?

PU leather, or polyurethane leather, is a synthetic material designed to mimic the look and feel of genuine leather. It’s made by applying a layer of polyurethane to a base material, often a fabric or split leather. PU leather is popular for various products like clothing, bags, upholstery, and footwear. It is known for being more affordable than real leather and for its versatility in terms of texture and color.

Read more of what is PU Leather.

Our recommendations.

Suede Soles dance shoes to be used only for indoor dancing. No outdoor dancing or you will ruined your dance shoes.

Smooth leather soles to be used for indoor & outdoor dancing. They last longer and require less maintaining effort. However, the sole is less flexible than suede sole.

Different visual aspect between suede sole dance shoes & Smooth Leather dance shoes

dance shoes with suede sole and leather sole
What are sole dance shoes made of ?

We took the same dance heels. One with a suede sole dance shoes & another one with a smooth leather dance sole.

Heels height and shape is different but it is the same model.

suede sole dance shoes vs smooth leather sole dance shoes
What are sole dance shoes made of ?

Model on the left side is made of suede sole, while the one on the right is made of smooth leather.

You can see that the smooth leather one has a sturdy and more robust material, while suede sole looks already more fragile.

That’s also why suede sole dance shoes can only be worn indoor. While smooth leather sole and rubber soles can be used for both indoor and outdoor dance settings.

Comparative table for dance shoes soles

comparative table between leather soles and rubber soles
What are sole dance shoes made of ? Comparative table

At Latin Dance Shoes Australia, you can select Suede sole or Smooth leather soles at no additional cost.

Select suede soles for indoor dancing.

Or select Smooth Leather Soles for outdoor dancing and Vegan alternative.

Note: Our smooth leather soles are made of PU Leather, a synthetic material.

Note 2: We can also do proper leather soles, but those are only after contacting us per email at [email protected] 

What are sole dance shoes made of for swing dance shoes ?

Swing dancers shoes are made of chrome leather, which gives them a mirror finish.

Chrome leather is a type of leather that is treated with chromium sulfate to preserve it and give it a smooth, supple texture. It is the most widely used type of leather in the world, accounting for around 90% of all leather production. 

Note that chrome tanning and chrome leather is less durable than vegetable-tanned leather.

What are Jazz shoes soles made of ?

Jazz dance shoes are usually made of rubber, suede, leather and microfibre materials. Rubber material is the most commonly used to make jazz shoes. 

Note that sometimes, jazz dancers like to have suede patch material on the ball of the foot of jazz dance shoes to help jazz dancers to spin with ease.

What type of sole dance shoes do you offer at Latin Dance Shoes Australia ?

Suede soles, leather soles, pu leather soles and rubber soles dance shoes are all the type of sole dancing shoes you can find at Latin Dance Shoes Australia.

At Latin Dance Shoes Australia you can customise sole type and opt for a suede sole, smooth PU leather, leather or rubber sole for any model of dance shoes or dance boots.

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What are sole dance shoes made of ?

Thank you for reading our guide about “what are sole dance shoes made of”!

sole dance shoes materials
What are sole dance shoes made of ?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for dance shoes soles ?

For indoor latin ballroom dancing, suede sole is the best option. For outdoor dancing, rubber soles, leather soles or pu leather soles are the best.

For jazz dance shoes, rubber soles are the best.

For Swing shoes, leather is the best material.

Suede soles dance shoes allow latin ballroom dancers to glide , slide and spin with ease on a wooden dance floor. Suede soles enhance dancers performances by providing a footwear that help them execute their dance moves better and faster with less friction on the floor.

Smooth leather, (also called softly brushed leather), rubber , microfibres or other synthetic soles offer diverse yet suitable options for dance shoes, ensuring excellent support and injury prevention. They are also used to dance outdoor, which a regular suede soles (soft leather sole) shoe can do.

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