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Can Dance Shoes Be Worn Outside?

Can Dance Shoes be Worn outside ? Dance enthusiasts often inquire about the suitability of wearing dance shoes outside, pondering whether their specialised footwear is confined to the dance floor or can step out into the world. Dance shoes are explicitly designed for indoor use, with materials and construction that optimise movement and comfort during dance sessions. Their unique soles, often made of suede or similar materials, accommodate the smooth twists and turns on the dance floor, but these materials are susceptible to external elements.

Can Dance Shoes Be worn outside ?

Can Dance Shoes be Worn outside for dancing

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside Guide

Some dance shoes, specifically dance sneakers, are crafted to be versatile, fitted with rubber soles that are more durable for outdoor conditions. Providers may offer the option to add a rubber sole to traditional dance shoes, enhancing their outdoor practicality. However, despite these modifications, the undeniable truth remains that the intricate design and delicate materials of most dance shoes make them less than ideal for the unpredictable surfaces and conditions encountered outside the dance studio.

Key Takeaways

  • Dance shoes are designed for indoor use with materials suited for dance floors.
  • Some dance shoes can be adapted for outdoor use with rubber soles.
  • The delicate nature of dance shoe materials typically renders them unsuitable for outdoor environments.
  • Suede Soles dance shoes can not be worn outside
  • Rubber soles dance Shoes can be worn outside
  • Leather sole dance shoes can be worn outside.
  • When selecting Latin Dance Shoes Australia’s dance shoes online, enjoy the complimentary customization feature, allowing you to choose between rubber soles or suede soles for free. This flexibility ensures that your shoes are tailored to perfection for any dance occasion, seamlessly blending style and functionality

Understanding Dance Shoes Characteristics and what makes a good dance shoe

Dance shoes are crafted with specific materials and design features to accommodate the movement and needs of dancers. They vary in structure depending on the dance style they are intended for, but all aim to offer the right balance of support and flexibility.

Materials and Design

Dance shoes predominantly utilise quality materials such as suede, leather, Polyurethane Leather and occasionally canvas. A typical leather dance shoe offers durability and a snug fit, while suede options provide a delicate balance between grip and slide, facilitating nuanced dance movements. Canvas shoes, on the other hand, are often lightweight and good for a variety of dance styles.

Leather and suede are favoured for their ability to mold to the dancer’s foot, providing a personalised fit over time. Their flexibility allows for a wide range of motion, essential for complex dance steps. In contrast, the strength and structure of leather can offer more support, making it ideal for styles that require a firm foot-ground connection.

suede sole dance shoes vs smooth leather sole dance shoes

Sole Qualities

The soles of dance shoes are central to their function; they must be smooth enough to glide across the dance floor yet sufficient to prevent accidental slips. Two common types are suede soles and rubber soles. Suede soles, often found on indoor dance shoes, allow dancers to spin and slide with controlled ease due to their optimum grip on smooth surfaces.

On the other hand, a rubber sole provides more traction and is durable for outdoor use. However, for ballroom dancing, where precise footwork is paramount, rubber may offer too much resistance. The insole often includes extra cushioning to absorb impact, and a heel of varied height depending on the dance style, contributing to the overall stability and posture of the dancer.


Practicality of outdoor Dance Shoes and dance shoes for Outdoors

When considering wearing dance shoes outside, it’s crucial to understand the impact of outdoor surfaces on the delicate materials of these shoes and the potential need for alternative footwear options.

Effects of Outdoor Surfaces on Dance Shoes

Outdoor environments pose a significant challenge to the integrity of dance shoes, particularly those with a suede sole. Surfaces such as asphalt and concrete can act like sandpaper to the soft suede, leading to abrasion and premature wear. Not only does this reduce the shoe’s grip and performance on the dance floor, but it also shortens its overall lifespan.

  • Dust and grit from outdoor settings can become embedded in suede, which may ultimately ruin the sole.
  • Exposure to moisture can cause irreversible damage, as the suede will absorb water and potentially warp.

To maintain their condition, it’s advisable to carry dance shoes in a shoe bag and only put them on once inside the venue. If they do become dirty, a clean, dry brush should be used to remove debris from the suede soles.

Alternatives for Outdoor Dancing

For dancers insisting on practising or performing outdoors, considering footwear options designed for external use is a savvy choice.

  • Shoes with rubber soles provide a durable alternative that can withstand the roughness of outdoor terrains without compromising on grip or causing slippage.

Street shoes that mimic the fit and flexibility of dance shoes could be a suitable compromise, provided that they offer the necessary support and are reserved for dancing to avoid bringing dirt onto the dance floor.

Always assess the conditions of the outdoor environment and choose shoes that can be protected from damage while providing the required performance for dancing.

Note: When purchasing dance shoes from Latin Dance Shoes Australia online, take advantage of the customization option available for all shoes. Choose a rubber sole for outdoor dancing or a suede sole for indoor dancing, with no extra cost involved.

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside Guide

Choosing the Right Dance Shoes

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside Guide

Selecting the right dance shoes is a crucial decision for any dancer as it directly impacts their performance and foot health. The ideal pair should provide a perfect blend of fit, comfort, and durability while requiring minimal maintenance. With the right shoes, dancers can move with confidence and ease on the dance floor.

Fit and Comfort

A dance shoe must offer a snug fit to ensure maximum support and comfort during movements. When trying on dance shoes, one should look for styles that provide arch support and have enough growing room to accommodate slight foot expansion during strenuous dances. A well-fitted shoe should hug the foot snuggly without causing discomfort, ensuring that every step is secure and stable. Inner soles with adequate cushioning can greatly enhance comfort, allowing dancers to perform for extended periods without undue strain on their feet.

Durability and Maintenance

The durability of a dance shoe is essential, given the level of strain they endure. Materials used in construction should withstand frequent use and the rigour of different dance surfaces. Shoes designed with non-slip soles are ideal as they maintain traction without succumbing to early wear. Maintenance of dance shoes requires regular checks for any signs of wear and timely repairs to preserve their function and appearance. Using quality shoe care products, such as protectors for heel dance shoes and dance shoe brush, can extend the longevity and performance of dance footwear.

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside Guide

Specialised Dance Shoe Types and can you wear them outside/

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside Guide

Let’s analyse each dance shoe types and see if they can be worn outside.

Can you wear tap shoes outside?

Absolutely not. It will damage the metallic plate and premature shoe wear. Shop Tap dance shoes  (Tap shoes)

Can you wear ladies dance shoes with leather sole outside?

Suitable for any type of dance floor. However, we would recommend to use rubber sole instead for using dance shoes outdoor.

Can you wear ballroom dance shoes outside?

Suede sole ballroom dance shoes can not be worn outside. However, Rubber soles ballroom dance shoes can be worn in any type of dance floor and surface.

Can you wear ballroom shoes outside?

Suede sole ballroom shoes can not be worn outside. However, Rubber soles ballroom shoes can be worn in any type of dance floor and surface.

Can you wear character shoes outside?

Leather soled character shoes can be worn outside, as well as rubber sole character dance shoes. However, suede sole will not.

Can ballroom dance shoes be worn outside?

Yes, Rubber soles ballroom shoes can be worn in any type of dance floor and surface. However, suede soles ballroom dance shoes have to be worn indoor only.

Can you wear ballet shoes outside?

Ballet shoes should never be worn outside or you will damage your dancing shoes.

Can you wear Latin Dance shoes outside?

Yes, you can wear latin dance shoes outside as long as they have a rubber sole. Latin Dance Shoes with suede soles can not be worn outside. 

Can you wear jazz shoes outside?

Yes, Rubber soles jazz shoes can be worn outside.

Can you wear contemporary shoes outside?

Yes, you can wear contemporary shoes outside if they have a rubber sole.

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside Guide

Features for Performance and Training

  • Heel Heights and Shapes: Distinct heel heights cater to various dance styles, providing stability or flexibility when needed. The shape can range from wide, flared heels for balance to slim Cuban heels for Latin styles.

  • Ankle Straps: Ankle straps are a critical feature in many dance shoes, offering added security and reducing the risk of slipping off during intense movement sequences.

  • Materials and Structure: A good pair of dance shoes is often made with lightweight, breathable materials and may include a suede sole for dance floor traction or a metal shank for foot support during training.

  • Practice Shoes: These shoes are usually a more comfortable option compared to performance shoes, designed with a lower heel for extended wear during long hours of practice in the dance studio.


Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside Guide

Shoes That Can not be worn outside

Suede soles dance shoes can not be worn outdoor. Technically you can, no one will stop you. However, you will damage the sole way faster, and definitely ruined your suede sole dance shoes.

Suede Sole Latin dance Shoes and Ballroom Dance Shoes

Latin dance shoes (such as salsa shoes, bachata shoes, kizomba shoes) or Ballroom dance shoes come with a special Suede Sole. This help dancers to spin and turn better. Suede sole is a soft and smooth material helping reducing the friction between the shoe and the floor, making it effortless to spin. However, wearing your dancing shoes outside will damaged the material. Those Dance shoes are only to be worn indoor only, in your dance studio or local dance school.

What can I do to wear my dance shoes outside for outdoor dancing events?

If you wish to dance outdoor with some proper dancing sole, you will need to have them resole. Adding some rubber sole instead of suede sole will allow you to use your paire of dance shoes indoor and outdoor. However, you will slightly loose in flexibility.

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside Guide

Jazz Shoes, Ballet Shoes and pointe shoes

The other shoes that can not be worn outside are:

Jazz shoes, Ballet Shoes, Pointe Shoes

Can Dance Shoes Be worn outside

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside?

Shoes That Can be worn outside

Hip hop dancers use regular sneakers, or dance sneakers shoes. Those can be worn outside to dance, walk or perform!

Here is our recommendation for a dance sneaker that would be great for salsa lessons. Dance sneakers can be worn inside and outside.

Any rubber sole dance shoes can be worn outdoor. And lucky for you, you can add a rubber sole on any of our dance shoes. Simply select heels height and shape of your choice and select rubber sole when purchasing. And the best thing? It is totally free! Shop now.

Other Related Questions to Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside?

Can you wear Jazz Shoes outside?

No, you can’t wear Jazz Shoes outside. They are made for indoor dancing only.

Can you wear dance sneakers outside?

Rubber sole dance sneakers can be worn outside for outdoor dancing event.

Can you wear suede sole dance shoes outside?

No, you can’t. Otherwise you will ruined your sole and damaged your dancing shoes.

dance boots australia

What are dance shoes made of?

Ballroom dance shoes and Latin dance shoes usually use leather, PU leather (for a vegan dance shoes), as well as satin on the outside. The Sole is usually a Suede sole and the insole a microfibre sole, with a proper arch support!

Latin dance shoes can be made from different materials. Leather, PU Leather, suede, and fabric are all common choices for Latin dance shoes. Depending on the brand and style of shoe, they can also be adorned with Rhinestones crystals or other embellishments and glitters.

Read our guide about the 49 different types of heels & how to choose the best heel for dancer.

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside?

Are Dance Shoes Comfortable?

Yes they are!

Suede sole provides a much better flexibility in the shoes. Your dance shoes will follow all your feet movements, and thee flexible sole will make your shoes extremely comfortable.

A good dance shoes also provides:

  • a good arch support
  • a good ankle support

Those are not the quality seek after four a regular heels.

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside?

What is the difference between regular shoes and dance shoes?

Well, you got it now: Suede sole and better support and comfort!

Those are the main point of difference!

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside?

Can I wash my dance shoes?

Yes you absolutely can! But not with water. Or if you do so, just use some humid tissues to clean them. Do not put water on the sole. It would damage them. Instead you will need to use a proper shoes brush

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside?

What shoes to wear for salsa?

We wrote an article on the best salsa dance shoes when dancing salsa or during a bachata dance lesson. Check them out bellow.

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside?

Can dance shoes be worn outside?

Salsa Dance Shoes are essential for salsa classes!


Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside?

About Latin Dance Shoes Australia’s brand and company

Latin Dance Shoes Australia is Australia’s industry leading Dance Shoe Store, dancewear boutique, Dance Supply Shop and dance equipment retailer. We deliver worldwide our premium quality dance footwear for dancers.

Latin Dance Shoes Australia is a company specializing in providing dance shoes for Latin dance styles in Australia. We offer a wide range of high-quality footwear specifically designed for Latin dances such as Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Cha-Cha.

Shoes for Latin Dancing

Our company understands the unique requirements of Latin dance styles, which often involve intricate footwork, spins, and quick movements. Therefore, we focus on providing dance shoes that offer the necessary support, flexibility, and durability to enhance dancers’ performance and ensure their comfort on the dance floor.

We take pride in offering a diverse selection of Latin dance shoes for both men and women. Our collection includes various styles, colors, and heel heights to cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced dancer, we aim to provide you with the perfect pair of dance shoes to suit your level of expertise and personal style.

Thank you for reading our article about Can dance shoes be worn outside. We hope it was useful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it advisable to use dance shoes for everyday wear?

Suede Soles Dance shoes are designed specifically for the studio and not for the abrasiveness of outdoor surfaces. Constant use outside can lead to accelerated wear and potentially compromise their structure. Suede soles dance shoes are not recommended to be worn outside neither, it will damage them. However, you can absolutely wear rubber soles dance shoes outside and that makes rubber soles dance shoes perfectly advisable for everyday wear, work settings or formal events!

Dance shoes typically have a suede sole, offering the right amount of slip and grip on dance floors, whereas everyday footwear is designed to withstand a variety of surfaces and provide more durability.

You can customise and buy dance shoes with rubber soles. One can also optionally attach street soles or use sole protectors for dance shoes to prevent damage when wearing them outside.

Manufacturers and retailers like Latin Dance Shoes Australia produce and sell dance shoes suited for outdoor use, typically with a hardened sole, offering options for women seeking to dance outdoors.

For outdoor Latin dance shoes, make sure to purchase a rubber sole latin dance shoes. Also look for a flexible sole that still allows movement but is robust enough to handle outdoor surfaces. Secure straps and a comfortable heel are also imperative.

Ballet shoes have delicate construction and are not intended for outdoor activities. Their thin soles and light material are unsuitable for rough surfaces and may result in premature damage or injury.

Can Dance Shoes Be worn Outside Guide

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