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Why do dance shoes have suede soles?

Why do Dance Shoes have Suede soles? If you’ve ever taken a Latin dance class or gone salsa dancing, you know that dance shoes have a suede sole. But have you ever wondered why? In this post, we’ll take a look at the science behind why suede is the best material for Latin and ballroom dance shoes.

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Note: All of our dance shoes and dance boots are customisable. Select suede sole or rubber sole at no extra cost. Buy dance shoes that fit your needs, dance style and personal preferences.

Always wondered Why Do dance shoes have suede soles?

why do salsa shoes have suede soles ?
Why do dance shoes have suede soles

Suede is soft, pliable, and has just the right amount of grip, which makes it ideal for dancing on slick surfaces like wood or tile. Suede also provides good traction on carpet, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The average pair of dance shoes has a layer of suede about 2-3mm thick. 

Let’s now see why do dance shoes have suede soles!

1- Improved Foot Articulation

The flexibility of the suede sole allows dancers to have better articulation of their feet. This is crucial for various dance styles, including Latin, ballroom, salsa, and contemporary, where intricate footwork and movements are central.

2- Enhanced Floor Contact

dance shoes Mary Janes

Suede is soft, pliable, and has just the right amount of grip, which makes it ideal for dancing on slick surfaces like wood or tile. Suede also provides good traction on carpet, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The average pair of dance shoes has a layer of suede about 2-3mm thick.

The flexibility of suede soles enables better contact with the dance floor. It provides a better feel for the floor, allowing dancers to make precise movements and maintain balance.

3- Reduce frictions with the dance floor and helps spinning

Have you ever try to spin on concrete? It is hard! And that’s how you would feel spinning with normal shoes on concrete. You will struggle ! However, with Suede sole, spinning is made easy! You will be able to spin and partner dance much better!

Smooth material & easy spinning by using suede sole

Mary Janes shoes in australia for women

By reducing the friction between the dance shoe sole and dance floor, you will be able to spin, and slide much easier. Requiring less energy and effort to dance. 

Noe that a good dance shoes have a good balance between traction and smooth contact, allowing dancers to slide, glide, but still control each dance movements.

Suede soles have a smooth, low-friction surface that allows dancers to glide and pivot more easily. This reduces the risk of injuries that can occur with excessive friction on the dance floor.

Suede soles provide a better control for dancers

shoes australia women's

The nap is what gives suede its characteristic fuzzy surface. It also helps the material resist moisture and dirt. When you first get a pair of sue soled shoes, they may be quite slippery. However, as you break them in, the napped surface will become more worn down and less slippery.
What’s more, if your shoes do get wet, simply let them air dry and the nap will fluff back up.

4- Add extra comfort

Dancing Shoes

Suede is comfortable to wear and molds to the shape of the dancer’s foot over time, providing a personalized fit and reducing the risk of blisters or discomfort.

Note that all of our dance shoes have a cushioning insole  to protect dancers’ feet from dance related injuries.

5- Better Control

The flexibility of the suede sole gives dancers better control over their movements. They can execute spins, turns, and pivots with greater ease and accuracy.

6- Protect the dance floor

shoes for women

Suede soles are gentle on dance floors, reducing the risk of damage to the floor surface while still allowing dancers to perform at their best.

Note that the heels are usually made of plastic and can actually damage the dance floor. That’s why we recommend using heel protector made of silicone (also called heel stopper). They will protect your heels and the dance floor. Read our guide on what are heels protectors.

7- Reduct noise between dance shoe sole and dance floor

Suede soles create less noise on dance floors compared to harder materials like leather or rubber. This is especially important in ballroom and social dance styles where silence is preferred.

Moreover, you don’t want to go to a latin dance class or ballroom dance class and have everyone watching you because your shoes are making some funny noise!

8- Aesthetics & design

Suede soles are often preferred for their elegant and professional appearance, enhancing the overall look of dance shoes.

Conclusion why do dance shoes have suede sole

So there you have it—the science behind why dance shoes have a suede sole! Suede is soft yet durable, has just the right amount of grip, and can be easily cleaned and maintained. So next time you’re out on the dance floor, be grateful for those suede soles!

We Hope you find our Blog Post about Why Do Dance Shoes Have Suede Soles ? Interesting!


Note: Suede Soles dance sheos can not be worn outdoor. Ready our guide tto understand why dance shoes can’t be worn outside.

How are suede soles made?

Suede is made from the underside of an animal’s skin, typically cowhide. The skin is first split into two layers, with the top layer being used for leather products like belts and purses. The bottom layer, which consists of the innermost part of the skin, is thenvel shaved to create suede. This process leaves the fibers of the skin intact, which gives suede its unique nap.

What are the different types of soles for dance shoes?

The most popular one are suede soles, rubber soles or leather. 

Suede soles are great for indoor dancing. However, they will not last as long as a rubber sole dance shoes.

Rubber soles are great for indoor & outdoor dancing. However, you will loose a bit of flexibility in the sole.

Leather soles are great mainly for outdoor dancing. You can use them indoor but be aware that they will make some noise on the contact with the dance floor.

You can them add them up on any dance shoes, dance boots or dance sneakers.

Can I dance with suede sole dance sneakers?

Here is our recommendation for a dance sneaker that would be great for salsa lessons

Keep in mind that dance sneakers also are customisable. You can have dance sneakers with suede soles or dance sneakers with rubber sole!

Why do dance shoes have suede sole ?

Wearing your dance shoes outside will damaged the Suede Sole. The only way to wear your dance shoes outside is to resole them with a rubber sole.

Wearing your Dance shoes outdoor will ruined the Suede Sole. Suede Sole is a smooth material that help dancers spinning better. However, they are not made to be worn outdoor.

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Why do dance shoes have suede sole?

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