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What Are Heel Protectors?

What Are Heel Protectors? In this article we explain what are the different types of heel protectors, the benefits of using them and where to buy quality heel protectors.

Table of Contents

heel protectors for shoes guide

What are heel protectors?

Heel protectors are devices or accessories designed to protect the heel of the foot, the heel of the shoe or the skin in the back of the foot. It all depends if the goal is to protect the heel of the foot, or the heel of the shoes.

To protect the heel of the shoe: Heel protectors are accessories or devices designed to safeguard the heels of shoes, particularly high heels or delicate footwear, from damage and wear. 

From a medical point of view, a heel protector is a medical device made of cushioning materials like foam, gel, or air, used to reduce pressure on the heel and prevent bedsores in non-ambulatory individuals.

To protect the skin on the back of the heel, we usually use gel-like material to protect and avoid deeper bruises, inflammation or cut and attenuate heel pain.

Let’s analyse them all bellow.

Types of heel protectors

There is 6 types of heel protector, and they are listed bellow.

  • Rubber Heel Protectors
  • Silicone Heel protectors
  • Gel Heel protectors
  • Plastic Heel Protectors
  • Foam Heel protectors
  • Heel Cups


Rubber heel protectors

rubber heel protectors

Rubber heel protectors are the most basic type of heel protector and are made of a soft, flexible rubber. They are inexpensive and easy to find, but they do not offer much in terms of shock absorption or protection from heel pain (such as heels spurs which is a common injury for professional dancers).

To use rubber heel protectors, simply stick the rubber heel protector on the outside of the sole to add an extra layer. Please note that it should be applied only on a rubber sole.

Other names for rubber heel protectors are rubber heel protector, rubber heel protectors for shoes, rubber high heel protectors, rubber shoe heel protectors.

Dance shoes feature a moisture-wicking microfiber material with soft gel cushioning that effectively absorbs shock, eliminating the need for additional heel protectors to alleviate heel discomfort. These shoes are meticulously crafted for dancers, ensuring unparalleled comfort even during everyday wear. We wholeheartedly endorse them as the ideal choice.

Silicone heel protectors

silicone heel cups

Silicone heel protectors are made of silicones. There is two types of silicone heel protectors.

The one protecting the foot. Those silicone heel protector  are made of a softer, more pliable material than rubber and are often used to prevent blisters and heel pain. They are also more durable than rubber heel protectors and can be washed and reused.

Those silicone heel protectors are silicone heel protector uses for protecting foot pain from cracked heels or blisters.

Shoe heel protectors silicone

And the one made to protect the heel of the shoe. Those heel protectors are the one that latin dancers, ballroom danccers, heels dancers and pole dancers use to protecct the heel of their shoes and dance on a wooden dancceflor. Protecting the wooden floor and protecting the dance heel making them last longer. 

Silicone heel protectors can also use for boots. We would talk about silicone heel protectors boots.

Silicone heel protectors to protect the heel of the shoes are also called heel stoppers.

Gel heel protectors

gel heel protector boots

Gel heel protectors are made of a gel-like material that provides more shock absorption than rubber or silicone heel protectors. They are also more expensive, but they can be a good option for people with severe heel pain or who are active.

Other names for gel heel protectors are Gel heel cushions, Gel heel pads, Gel heel inserts, Gel heel insoles, Gel heel supports, Gel heel cushions for shoe, Gel heel cups, Gel heel sleeves, Gel heel guard, Gel heel shields

Plastic heel protectors

plastic heel protectors

Plastic heel protectors: These are made of a hard plastic material and are designed to protect the heels of your shoes from damage. They are often used in dance shoes or other shoes that are prone to heel scuffing. They are also great if you want to walk in heels on the grass.

If you purchase any of our dance shoes, we recommend to use silicone heel protectors to protect your heels. Silicone heel protectors are softer and will reduce the shocks while dancing and while protecting your heels. Plastic Heel protectors are best used for everyday wear heels for people who need to walk on the grass.

Foam heel protectors

foam heel protector pads

Foam heel protectors are made of a soft, cushioned foam material and are designed to provide comfort and prevent heel pain and heel spurs. They are often used in athletic shoes or other shoes that are worn for extended periods of time.

Note for dance shoes: those are not often used for latin dance shoes or any of our dance shoes. Our dance shoes are designed to support dancers feet and have a Moisture wicking Microfibre with Soft Gel Cushioning to absorb shocks while dancing.

Dance shoes feature a moisture-wicking microfiber material with soft gel cushioning that effectively absorbs shock, eliminating the need for additional heel protectors to alleviate heel discomfort. These shoes are meticulously crafted for dancers, ensuring unparalleled comfort even during everyday wear. We wholeheartedly endorse them as the ideal choice.

foam heel protectors

You an also use foam heel protectors to protect the  back of your foot from blisters and bruised.

Heel cups

silicone inserts

Heel cups are a type of heel protector that is specifically designed to relieve heel pain. They are typically made of a soft, cushioned material and fit snugly around the heel.

Dance shoes feature a moisture-wicking microfiber material with soft gel cushioning that effectively absorbs shock, eliminating the need for additional heel protectors to alleviate heel discomfort. These shoes are meticulously crafted for dancers, ensuring unparalleled comfort even during everyday wear. We wholeheartedly endorse them as the ideal choice.

Synonyms for heel protectors are the following.

  • Heel cushion
  • Heel inserts
  • Heel pads
  • Heel supports
  • Heel insoles
  • Heel protectors
  • Heel stoppers
  • Heel guards
  • Heel sleeves
  • Heel shields
  • Heel orthotics

Benefits of Heel protectors

benefits heel protector shoes

Protect your foot from bruises and blisters

Reduced Friction 

Heel protector create a barrier between your skin and the shoe, reducing the friction that lead to blisters and bruises.

Prevention of Slippage

Shoe heel protectors keep your feet stay secure in your shoes, preventing them from sliding forward or sideways, which can contribute to blisters and bruises.

benefits of heel protectors for heel pains

Protect your foot from heel pain and absorb shocks

Shock Absorption

Many heel protectors for shoes are made with cushioning materials like gel, silicone or foam, which absorb shock and reduce the impact on your feet, minimizing the risk of heel pain and heel injuries.

Improved Comfort 

They provide extra padding and cushioning, making your shoes more comfortable to wear for extended periods, reducing the likelihood of blisters, discomfort and heel pain frequently encountered by athletes or dancers.

benefits of ballroom dance shoe heel protectors

Protect the heel of your shoes to wear fast and make your dance shoes last longer

Longer Shoe Lifespan 

By reducing wear and tear on the heel area, heel stoppers can extend the life of your shoes, ensuring they remain in good condition.

protectors for heel dance shoes

Protect the wooden dance floor

Avoid leaving marks on a wooden floor 

Dance heels can leave marks allover the floor. And some dance studios prefer that their students wear them to protect their dances floor.

How to choose Heel protectors?

heel protectors pressure relief

You need to define what is the purpose of the heel protector.

Heel protectors for Heel pain

Do you feel pain in your heel? or have a heel spurs? Then you would need a foam heel protector, heel insert, heel pads, or silicone heel cups to insert to add an extra layer and reduce the impact on your heel. Alternatively, you can purchase a dance shoes with Moisture wicking Microfibre with Soft Gel Cushioning and add a rubber sole for everyday wear. That way your foot is protected and it will reduce the impact on  your heels.

heel protectors to prevent blisters

Heel protectors for bruises

Having some bruises on your feet? Opt for a gel heel protector or foam heel protector for the back of your foot. It will reduce the contact between the shoe and your foot. Those are a great option if you purchase the  wrong size heel shoe or feel that they  are uncomfortable. 

dance shoe heel protectors

Heel protectors for dance shoes and dance classes

Some dance school require students to purchase heel protectors to protect their dance floor from marks.

Heel protectors will also add an extra layer to protect your heel shoes, absorb shocks even more and make your dance shoes last longer and avoid them to wear off too fast.

Silicone heel protectors are the one you want for dance classes and protect your dance shoes.

Shop Ballroom dance shoe heel protectors

Extra General advices when choosing heel protectors

When choosing heel protectors, it is important to consider the following factors.

  • The type of shoes you will be wearing. Heel protectors should be compatible with the type of shoes you will be wearing.  and the heel shape.
  • The severity of your heel pain. If you are suffering from severe heel pain, you may need a more supportive and cushioned heel protector than someone with mild heel pain.
  • Your budget. Heel protectors can range in price from a few dollars to several dozen dollars. Choose a heel protector that fits your budget and your needs.

Where to buy heel protectors?

shoes for women

Heel protectors for dance shoes

Latin Dance Shoes Australia is the place to go to purchase silicone heel protectors for heel dance shoes.

We deliver worldwide and offer free shipping worldwide from 100USD (150AUD or 90 euros).

Heel protectors for heel pain, bruises 

Go to you chemist or a Chemist warehouse to purchase them. They are available at Big W, Kmart, Target, Wallmart or online.

What do our customers have to say about our heel protector?

Gabriella’s Heel Protector review

” I recently added heel protectors to my dance shoes, and the results have been fantastic! These protectors not only shield the dancefloor from marks but also extend the lifespan of my shoes. They’re a must for all dancers looking to protect their shoes and keep them lasting longer. Highly recommended! Thank you for enhancing my dance journey! “

How to increase the lifespan of your dance shoes?

Using heel protectors increase the lifespan of dance shoes. 

To make sure you can double the lifespan of your dance heels, we recommend to also use, on top of a heel protector,  a shoe brush to clean your suede soles from dust after each dance classes or social dancing event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are heels protectors any good?

Heels protectors are excellent. Heels protectors are an undervalued dance shoe accessory, heel shoe accessory and are extremely valuable as foot care and health care.

Heel protectors protect your foot from bruises, blisters and heel pain. Heel protectors also protect your shoe, make them last longer and can be used to walk on grass easily.

Latin Dance Shoes Australia offer the best high heel protectors for Latin dancing, ballroom dancing, heels dance or pole dancing. The softer silicone Heel protector has a better shock absorption and last longer than plastic heel protector being less fragile.

Heel protectors are used for a variety of purposes, including the prevention, management, and treatment of pressure ulcers on the heels. They are also utilized in dance shoes to offer benefits such as increasing friction and protecting the base of the heel and the floor. Additionally, heel protectors can provide skin protection, especially for individuals at risk of pressure damage

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