Dance Shoes Heels Size and Shape

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Guide to find the best Dance Shoes Heels size and Shape for your needs

Latin Dance Shoes Australia is Australia’s industry leading dancing shoe company. Buy custom made dance shoes to meet your dance needs. Here is a full list of the different Dance Shoes Heels size and Shape we offer and give our best recommendation regarding which type of heel is best depending on your dance level and dance style.

dance shoes heels size and shape

Dance Shoes Heels Size & heights

Here is a rule of thumb when buying dance shoes and deciding which heel height is best.

  • Absolute beginner: no heels or low heels shoes (between 0.5 to 2 inches)
  • Absolute beginners confident walking in heels for everyday use: Between 2 to 2 3/4 inches Flare heels
  • Intermediate to advances: any type of medium to high heels dance shoes

Dance shoes heels shapes

Heels shape play a major role regarding balance and comfort while dancing in heels.

  • Cuban heels, block heels: perfect for beginners
  • Flare Heels: good for beginners plus and dancers use to walk in heels
  • Stiletto heels: good dancers

Cuban Heels / Also called practice shoes:

Perfect for beginners dancers that are not confident with any heels. This will give you a lot more stability.
We offer 3.5cm (606#), 4.5cm (016#) and 5cm (649#)heels height.

Flared Heels

Perfect for beginners dancers that can manage any heels everyday.
We recommend 6 or 7cm for absolute beginners, 8cm for beginners +.
We offer 5cm (2899-1#), 6cm (2899#), 7cm (1995#), 8cm(6812#) heels height.

Slim flared heels

This is time to shine!
Show how much you can manage spinning and dancing while being on thinner heels!
Still flared heels, so it gives you more support than stiletto heels.
We offer  7,3cm (205#), 8cm(141#), 8.3cm(301#), 8.5cm(5059#), 9cm(688#) and 10cm(23349#) heels height.

Straight Stiletto heels

This is where the professional come up!
We offer 7cm(114#), 8.5cm(428#) and 10cm(99280#) heels height.

dance shoes heels size and shape

Heels for dancers Guide

If you need further explanation, you can check our heels for dancers page that will guide you through selecting the right heel dance shoes.

What are the 49 Types of Heels to wear ?

If you are lost with heels shapes, we wrote an article about the 49 different types of heels.

How can I find my dance shoes heels size?

We recommend you measuring your foot length in cm and checking the table bellow. We highly recommend checking BOTH foot, as we usually have one slightly longer than the other!

sizing guide dance shoes

Dance shoes heels size

Shoes Size Chart
Shoes Size Chart

If you are unsure about your dance shoes heels size, Please contact us directly!

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Custom dance shoes

Latin Dance Shoes Australia is the best dance shoe store in Australia. We sell custom dance shoes worldwide. We specialise in the following type of dance shoes.

Order online your new dance heel today and get it delivered and shipped between 7 to 14 business days to your home and be ready to hit the dance floor in style.

Latin dance Shoes Australia

At Latin dance shoes australia, all of our heels and dance shoes can be customised. We offer cuban heels, slim heels and flared heels, hence the shape and height can be customised!

We also do offer a vegan option for our dance shoes and explanation can be found on our page “Vegan Dance Shoes“.

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