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Terms and Conditions | Exchange Policy

What Items can I Exchange?

All our Dance Shoes are  exchangeable.

  • Customised dance shoes are exchangeable, but non refundable.

    Simply send your shoes back to us, and then cover the return postage fee. We charge 2x $19.95 for shipments within Australia or 2x $24.95 for international returns. This include both ways postages and administration fees. Please ensure that the shoes are in perfect condition, unworn, and undamaged, and that they are returned in their original box. Additionally, please make sure there are no marks on the sole of the shoes as well as the external part. We only allow one exchange per order. Contact us directly at [email protected] organise an exchange.

  • There is only one exchange per order.
  • Postage of $19.95 for Australia is for one pair of shoes. If purchased severals, you will need to pay the same postage per article. Postage might increase, and cost to send it back to us might increase too.
  • Sales items are final. We do not provide refunds. However, you can exchange them by covering the difference in price between the purchased one and the other one you want to purchase. You are responsible for the return postage of the first shoes back to us, as well as the postage cost for receiving the exchange.

What item Can I exchange it with?

  • Any item valued at the same price or less. if you want to exchange it for an item of a higher value, you will have to pay the difference.
  • If less, we do not pay the difference.

What if I purchased the wrong Size?

  • If you happen to purchase the wrong size, kindly get in touch with us to arrange the return of your dance shoes. Please note that you are responsible for covering the return postage cost for sending the first shoes back to us, as well as the postage cost for receiving the exchange.
  • For further help about shoes sizing, please check our guide to help measure foot size &  shoe size guide 

What is the process for an exchange?

  • Contact us by email address at [email protected]
  • Send pictures if there is any faulty or damaged product
  • For an exchange, simply let us know which one you want
  • Wait for our instruction to send over the initially bought dance shoes
  • Once we received and quality check the initially purchased dance shoes, we will send you another pair.

Conditions for an exchange

Your dance shoes need to be:

  • Returned in the original box
  • Unworn, undamaged and no marks on the outer material
  • Additionally, please make sure there are no marks on the sole of the shoes. We recommend you to try on your shoes on a carpet.

  • Latin Dance Shoes Australia reserve the right to refuse an exchange if there is any single mark of wear under the sole. Or if the insole is marked and not in perfect conditions.

Change of mind Refund on non customised items

  • Non Customised items are defined as items where the heels height, shape and type of sole is predetermined and can not be changed or decided by the consumer.
  • Rubber sole shoes are customised items. Any rubber shoes are non refundable.
  • Defined Heel height, shape and suede sole are non customised items. A product where you can not choose heels height, heel shape and rubber sole are non customised items.
  • Any of those non customised items can be return (You are responsible to send them back to us and pay for postage) and refunded (excluding postage fee, credit card fees  and taxes). 
  • Customised items are defined as items where you can select a heel height and shape, as well as a type of sole of your choice.

Change of mind Exchange on customised items

  • If we haven’t started manufacturing your personalised dance shoes, you can ask for a refund, or change your mind for another model.
  • If we already started manufacturing your new pair of dance shoes, you will be able to exchange them by following the steps above. Conditions applies as stated. 

How long does it take to get my new shoes?

  • Once we receive your shoe back, please allow between 2 to 3 business days at maximum to quality check them. 
  • Once the item has been checked, and conditions have been respected, we will need to manufacture another customised item for you. Exchanges have the same production/shipping and delivery time as a regular order.

Damaged & Faulty Items

  •  If the damage or fault is minor and you’d like to keep your shoes and have them repaired yourself, we’ll offer you $20 off a new item of your choice on your next purchase (excluding sale items and after verification). Otherwise, after quality checking the issue, just send us the shoes back unworn and we will provide you a new one. Please note that any returns need our written approval first.
  • If you believe that the damage or fault is major, please send us photos to [email protected] so that we can make an assessment. If we agree with your assessment, we will provide a replacement of the same product. Keep in mind that the faulty shoes will need to be send back to our shop (unworn and unused, with no marks on the sole).


We use Australia Post for all deliveries throughout Australia and overseas.

Regular return postage within Australia: $19.95
Return Flat rate postage to New Zealand: $24.95

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