Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Are you interested in learning more about Latin dance shoes? How to take care of them? Or different tips to dance in heels without falling? You’re not alone! Many people are curious about these questions and advices about dance shoes. Good thing is that there’s a lot of information available online and we wrote many of them to answer your questions!

Here are some answers to some of the most common questions about Latin dance shoes:

-What type of floor do Latin dance Shoes work best on?

Latin dance Shoes generally work best on hard surfaces such as wood. However, they can be used on softer surfaces if the dancer is careful.

However, we would not recommend you to dance with your suede sole on concrete. It would damage your shoes! Except if that’s a polish concrete!

-How often should I replace my Latin Dance Shoes?

It depends upon how much wear and tear your pair has experienced. Typically, it is recommended that you replace your Latin Dance Shoes every three to six months, depending on how frequently you use them. We also recommend to clean your dance shoes after each practice and alternate your shoes!

-Do I need special socks for wearing my latin dancing sneakers?

No, regular socks will work just fine with these sneakers. However, it is advisable to buy specialty sock pairs specifically designed for dancers because they help absorb sweat and protect your feet from dirt and debris buildup inside the shoe.

You absolutely can! You just need to select rubber sole and add a note on purchase that those shoes are not for dancing. We will add a thicker rubber sole at no additional cost.

Dance shoes are made for comfort, support and stability. The extra cushioning in the insole and the extra sole flexibility will make your walking experience in heels smoother and more comfortable. Many of our customer purchase rubber sole dance shoes and use them to go social outing in clubs, or to walk everyday with it.

Rubber soles are perfect for any types of dance floor or outdoor concrete. Suede soles are only good for wooden dance floor.

Yes, you can! Fees are 2 times $19.95 for shipments within Australia (with cover shipping both ways and admin fees) or 2 times $24.95 for boots. Please note that applies per pair. For international returns, we charge a set fee of 2 times $37.95. Please ensure that the shoes are in perfect condition, unworn, and undamaged, and that they are returned in their original box. Additionally, please make sure there are no marks on the sole of the shoes as well as the external part. We only allow one exchange per order. Contact us directly at [email protected] organise an exchange.

Start with a 7 centimetres Flared Heels (Heel 1995#) dance shoes if you  are  comfortable  walking in  heels everyday. Otherwise try a 5cm flared Heel (2899-1) or3,5 cm Cuban Heel (606#).

Dance shoes are specifically designed to provide comfort and support while dancing. The suede sole provides extra flexibility ensuring comfort for dancers while dancing for hours. All our Dance Shoes also feature Moisture wicking Microfibre with Soft Gel Cushioning for extra comfort.

Dance Shoes are footwear used by dancers to improve their dance performance or while attending dance classes. Each Dance Style and type of dance need a different type of dance shoes and dance footwear. You can hence purchase latin dance shoes, ballroom shoes, tango shoes, jazz shoes, balet shoes, tap shoes, contemporary shoes, hip hop shoes and many more.At Latin Dance Shoes Australia, we sell them all in our online dance shoe store.