Dance Shoes Colour options

Colourful Heels Dance Shoes Options. At Latin Dance Shoes Australia, you can also customise how colourful you want your heels once shoes to be. Depending on what type of material, we offer over 130+ colours variations to choose from.

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colourful heels dance shoes options

Colourful Heels customisation options

Depending on the type of fabric, we offer over 130 colour customisation and colour variations for each dance shoes and dance boots when you purchase them online.

Let’s see one by one what options you can choose from.

Patent leather dance shoes colour options

When buying dance shoes with a patent leather finish, we offer each of our customers the option to select from a range of 65 shades of colours to create a personalized and unique pair of dance shoes. This customization allows dancers to express their individual style preferences and ensures that the dance shoes align with their personal taste and performance needs.

colour palette for patent leather shoes
Colourful heels options for patent leather

You can customise your dance shoes by selecting one of the 65 different patent leather colours.

Patent Leather are the shiniest material out of PU leather, leather and patent leather.

When you’re getting your dance shoes in patent leather, you get to choose the colour that suits you best – it’s all about personalising your dance shoe pair!

Satin dance shoes colour options

Customise satin dance shoes colours
Colourful heels options for satin dance shoes

You can customise your dance shoes by selecting one of the 24 different satin colour variations.

Satin is one of the most flexible material. It is perfect for any dancers that have wider foot or always feel restricted in their dance shoes.

Check out our Belinda Ballroom And Latin dance Shoes to see how suede material look like on dance shoes.

At Latin dance Shoes Australia, there  is availability of various color choices for personalization when customizing satin dance shoes. This means that any of our customers can choose from a range of colors to create a unique and personalized pair of satin dance shoes. At no extra cost !

Customization allows dancers to express their individual style preferences, match their shoes to specific outfits, or coordinate with team colors. It ensures a tailored and personalized touch, enabling dancers to stand out on the dance floor with shoes that reflect their personality and style.

PU leather dance shoes colour options

pu leather colour palette and variations
Colourful heels options for PU leather dance shoes

You can customise your dance shoes by selecting one of the 22 different PU leather colours.

Read more about what is PU leather and learn more about our vegan dance shoes alternative using PU leather and rubber soles.

Check out our Sarah Black lace up boots to see how leather material look like on dance boots.

Glitters dance shoes colour options

glitter dance shoes colours
Colourful heels options for glitter dance shoes

You can customise your dance shoes by selecting one of the 68 different glitter dance shoes pattern & colours.

sparkly dance shoes
Colourful heels options for glitter ballroom dance shoes
glitter ballroom dance shoes
Colourful heels options for glitter latin dance shoes

Glitter dance shoes are definitely head turning on the dance floor but are a little bit more sensitive and can break or get damaged faster (for example if other dancers step on you inadvertently).

Leather dance shoes colour options

You can customise your dance shoes by selecting one of the 10 different leather colours.

Be aware that leather material mark faster, and you can often see marks of wear on your leather dance shoes. 

Shop for a custom made dance shoes online

At Latin dance shoes australia you can custom made your new dance shoes and dance boots.

Customise heel height, heel shape, type of sole and choose from over 130 colours variations. All of that for the same cost.

colourful heels dance shoes options

Colourful heels shoes options for dancers

Buy coloured heels dance shoes that match your energy and personality. You can choose from a bright coloured heels, orange colour heels, purple colour heels, red colour heels, black colour high heels, colorful heels shoes, tan colored heeled sandals, black color heel, red color high heels, colorful block heels, nude color heels, peach color heels, bone color heels, bright colored high heels, champagne colored heels, coral colored heels, cream color heels, mustard colored heels, berry color heels, blush color heels, blush colored heels, bronze colored heels, camel color heels, chocolate color heels, clear colored heels, copper color heels, coral color heels, cream color high heels, gold color high heels, gold colored heels, green color heels, lemon color heels, lemon colored heels, nude color high heels, pastel color heels.

Other available colours are plum colored heels, rose colored heels, sand color heels, silver color heels, skin color block heels, stone colored heels, tan colored heels, wine colored heels, beige color block heels, blue color heels, brown color heels, burgundy color heels, green color high heels, grey color heels, heels black color, heels blue color, heels golden color, lavender color heels, maroon color heels.

Colourful heels shoes and shape options for dancers

high heels colourful bright 

High heels colourful bright dance shoes

colour block heels bright 

Colour block heels bright dance shoes

coloured block heels 

Coloured block heels dance shoes

colour block heeled sandals 

Colour block heeled sandals 

coloured block heel

coloured block heel dance shoes

coloured block heel sandals

coloured kitten heels

coloured kitten heels dance shoes

coloured low heels

coloured low heels dance shoes

coloured mule heels

coloured pointed heels

coloured stiletto heels

coloured stiletto heels dance shoes

coloured strappy heels

coloured strappy heels dance shoes

colourful heeled boots

colourful heeled dance boots

colourful heeled sandals

colourful kitten heels

colourful kitten heels dancing shoes

colourful low heels

colourful low heels shoes for dancers

colourful strappy heels

colourful strappy heels for dancing

colourful wedge heels