Sadly, dance shoes are not made to last a lifetime. The delicate materials used as well as the way us dancers use the shoes mean that they won’t last forever. But, you can extend the life of your shoes if you properly care for them. Here’s a few tips:

Do NOT wear your shoes outside. The suede sole of the shoes are easily damaged or ruined by rough and wet surfaces. Suede soles should only be worn indoors and on smooth surfaces like wooden flooring. Keep it to the dance floor girls, unless of course, you’re purchasing your shoe as an everyday street shoe and have resoled the sole, then you’re good. Wear your regular shoes to your event, have your wardrobe change and slip into your dance shoes. Now you’re ready to shake what yo mama gave you.


Moisture (i.e. foot sweat, yeah gross right?) means that your shoes will need to be aired anywhere from 1 to 2 days to allow the shoes to properly dry. A shoe tree is a good idea to slip into your shoes after a night of dancing. If you’ve been burning the floor, then its advisable to have at least a second pair on hand so that you can rotate your shoes. Girls, this is a guilt free way to feed your shopping addiction. I’m all over it.


Purchase a wire brush to keep the soles of your shoes smooth and clean. A brush is a must. Gently brush excess dirt and debris to get rid of the grimy build up. If you’re dancing on grotty floors, the dirt particles will clog up the leather. If you’re dancing often and your soles are looking like the inside of your Hoover, then give it a brush.