About Us

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Jojo and Clement. That’s us. A Gold Coast based couple (Jojo from the Gold Coast with the fruit on her head & Clement from France who happens to have the thickest French accent you every heard) who own and run Passada School of Afro Latin Dance at Burleigh Heads. Yep, they teach dance together, run the studio together and live together. Both are still alive and well. Jojo and Clement believe in gender equality, world peace and the right to colourful and comfortable dance shoes. Hence, the birth of Passada Life. Well actually they just really like bright and colourful things and anything that is reminiscent of the Carribean and Africa.

More about Jojo

In a previous life, Jojo was a lawyer, turned coffee barista, turned children’s fairy entertainer, turned small business owner. She always knew that being stuck in an office was not for her. With an inability to sit still, when she’s not teaching dance, she prefers to spend her time trying to surf, skateboard (she sucks equally at both) and hanging out with her sausage dog, Hugo (and teaching him to skateboard). Jojo has a real talent for imitating Clement’s French accent during dance class and believes that Gold gave us two hands so that we could pat two dogs at the same time.

More about Clement

So he’s the grown up one. Scary. Clement behind his baguettes and croissants to travel the world and ended up in Australia. A qualified engineer, like Jojo, Clement knew that the corporate life wasn’t for him. Some people think Clement is kinda cold. But nah, he’s just French. Just quietly, he’s actually a big old softy. When he’s not busting out his funky moves at the studio, you’ll mostly likely find Frenchie sipping obscenely strong coffee, catching waves, playing basketball and having his accent imitated by Jo. Clement has in the past been well known for his man bun.

But enough about us – let’s talk about you. Whether you need some new dance shoes, wanna ask us about dance shoes, wanna join our dance classes, love dancing, hate dancing, or secretly love dancing but have a rep to maintain, then drop us a line. We’ll look after all of your dance and dance shoe needs. We gotchu.