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How to Salsa Dance With Music & 11 Best Salsa Songs

Last Updated on November 27, 2023 by Clement

How to Salsa Dance With Music & 11 Best Salsa Songs

How to Salsa Dancer With Music & Top 10 Best salsa songs to practice with! As an extra we also added the top 4 Bachata songs that are our all time favourite!

The 4 most listened salsa songs in history

Salsa dancing is a fun and energetic Latin dance that originated in the Caribbean. Today, it’s popular all over the world and there is so many amazing salsa dancers! But one thing they all have in common: They know how to salsa dancing with music and interpret the songs to get the best musicality out of it!

How to dance salsa solo salsa suelta salsa dance with music

The more you listen and understand the specificities of salsa rhythm, the more you can actually dance!

If you’re new to salsa dancing, start with one of these 10 best salsa songs for beginners! These songs are perfect to practice at home or to use with your dance partner while practicing! We selected slow tempo salsa songs for you!

They’re also great for dancing at a salsa party or with a group. If you’re a salsa dancer and want to add some new songs to your repertoire, check out our list of the 4 most listened salsa songs in history.

Salsa Dance With Music

1 – Celia Cruz, “La vida es un carnaval”

If you’re looking for a salsa song that will get your dance floor moving, then Celia Cruz’s “La vida es un carnaval” is the perfect choice. Released in the late 1960s, this catchy tune has been enjoyed by many over the years. Whether you’re at a wedding or simply want to get down and groove on some classic salsa moves, this song is a must-have! Plus, it’s perfect for any social event – get people moving and have some fun! This is the most listened salsa song win history. Extremely popular in Cuba (Havana specially), United States, Mexico, New York, Europe, asia and all latin America!

Salsa Dance With Music

2 – Héctor Lavoe “Periódico de Ayer”

Héctor Lavoe is a salsa music legend and one of the most influential artists of all time. His 1972 classic, Periódico de Ayer, still gives dancers the moves today. Released in 1978, “Periódico de Ayer” features catchy tunes!

This was extremely popular in New York City and people dancing la style salsa or New York Style Salsa!

Salsa Dance With Music

3 – Eddie Palmieri “Vámonos pal monte”

We Absolutely LOVE Eddie Palmieri’s “Vámonos Pal Monte” son! Released in 1974 and still popular today, this soulful track has been featured in many movies and TV shows. If you want to get up on your feet and start shaking it like a pro, be sure to add it to your playlist! Try to listen to the Clave, timbales and congas on this amazing song from Eddie Palmieri!

Salsa Dance With Music

4 – Lalo Rodríguez, “Devórame otra vez”

According to research done by Billboard magazine, Lalo Rodríguez’s “Devórame otra vez” is one of the most listened salsa song of all time.


Salsa Dance With Music

The 7 salsa songs you’ve heard the most

Now, there is so much to listen – Salsa music is so rich in amazing artists and it makes it extremely hard to choose! But those are salsa songs you surely have listened once before!

Salsa Dance With Music

5 – Rigo El Negro, “La más bella”

Salsa Dance With Music

6 – Los hermanos LeBron, “Qué haces aquí”

Salsa Dance With Music

7 – Tirso Duarte & Guayacán, “El más rico beso”

Tirso Duarte & Guayacán’s “El más rico beso” is one of the most popular salsa songs around. It has a catchy beat and infectious lyrics that will have you dancing around your living room or social gathering like there’s no tomorrow.

Originally released in 2004, this salsa song has been covered by a variety of artists over the years – some versions are better than others, but they all sound fresh today.

Salsa Dance With Music

8 – Marc Anthony, “Vivir mi vida”

Marc Anthony’s salsa classic “Vivir mi vida” will get you up and moving.

Salsa Dance With Music

9 – Mauro Castillo, “El alboroto”

If you’re new to salsa dancing and want to start with some classic tunes, “El alboroto” should definitely be on your list. This catchy song is easy to follow and perfect for beginners – making it the perfect foundation for learning this exciting dance style.

Besides being a great beginner’s salsa song, “El alboroto” is also popular among more experienced dancers because of its timeless appeal. You can find it on many different salsa-themed albums, so chances are you’ll enjoy it no matter what your musical taste might be! We also recommend you to listen to Johnny Pacheco, Luis Vazquez, Alex da silva and Eddie Torres. Try to listen to the bass, bongos, tumbao, maracas, cuban son typical instrument called clave, percussion and different styles of instruments( Saxophone, analyse the slow and fast Tiempo etc).

Salsa Dance With Music

10 – DLG, “Juliana”

Salsa Dance With Music

11- Los Van Van, “And Ven y Quiereme”

Los van Van is one of the most popular band in Cuba. Dancers usually dance rueda de casino on Los Van Van!

Salsa Dance With Music

Salsa Dancing Shines

Salsa dancing is a great way to get your groove on. You can dance it with a partner or dance salsa alone. Not only is it a fun dance to do, but it can also be enjoyed with music. There are many salsa songs available to download, as well as YouTube videos that you can watch without limits. Here is our favourite:

We also have some cali salsa dance tutorial here:

Our forever favourite salsa songs

Salsa is a popular Latin dance that’s easy to learn and fun to dance to. It’s a great way to get your groove on and have some fun with your friends. If you’re new to salsa, our top tips are to start with some easy classics like “Besame Mucho,” “Mambo No. 5,” and “Pachanga.” These songs are sure to get you up and dancing, and will help you build your salsa skills over time. When you’re ready to take your dancing to the next level, be sure to practice regularly with music playing in the background.

Salsa Dance With Music

#1 El Grand Combo De Puerto Rico, “Me Libere”

Salsa Dance With Music

#2 Oscar D’Leon, “Lloraras”

Salsa Dance With Music

#3 Luis Fonsi, “Despacito”

Salsa Dance With Music

The 5 Most Listened Bachata Songs perfect for beginners

Bachata is one of the most popular Latin dances and for good reason – it’s easy to learn, fun to dance to, and perfect for beginners. Our favourite Bachata songs are perfect for beginners because they’re slower-paced and have a cheeky feel to them. This makes them perfect for learning the dance and getting a feel for the rhythm.

Salsa Dance With Music

#1 Toby Love, “We Got it”

if you want a bachata with a hip hop feel, this one was the first one at time to do so! Mixing Spanish and English lyrics. And the music has a mix feeling of hip hop and Bachata rhythm.

Salsa Dance With Music

#2 Joan Soriano, “Vocales de Amor”

If you’re new to salsa dancing, Bachata songs are a great place to start. Joan Soriano’s Vocales de Amor is a classic in Dominican bachata!

Salsa Dance With Music

#3 Aventura, “Obsession”

Salsa Dance With Music

#4 Prince Royce, “Stand by Me”

Salsa Dance With Music

#5 Xtreme, “Te Extrano”

Other tips and recommendations

There is so many amazing latin music songs and type of partner dance to try!

Salsa is one popular partner dance style. The main style is Cuban Salsa. There is also Colombian Salsa and New York Style Salsa.

But you should also give bachata, kizomba, zouk, tango and cha cha cha a try! Learning different Styles of dance will improve your overall dance skills!

Dance Classes Gold Coast is a dance studio based on the Gold Coast and offer the best salsa dance lessons! They offer salsa classes, acrobatics lessons, bachata lessons, kizomba lessons, private dance classes and wedding dance lessons! Everything you need to start learning salsa today!

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