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Aleksandra dancing Bachata with our Salsa shoes Melbourne

Watch Aleksandra dancing Bachata with our Salsa shoes Melbourne – Gold Princesa . Do you have any questions about salsa shoes? Learn more about salsa dancing shoes.

Table of Contents

Watch Aleksandra dancing Bachata with our salsa shoes Melbourne Princesa

Bachata Lady Styling in Princesa gold salsa shoes Melbourne by Aleksandra Dancer Pro

Dancer: Aleksandra Dancer pro

Instagram: Aleksandra Dancer Pro Instagram

Dance Shoes: Princesa salsa shoes in Melbourne

Brand: Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Location: Buy Salsa shoes Melbourne also shop for white dance shoes in Melbourne

About Aleksandra Dancer Pro

Aleksandra Dancer
Artist – Aleksandra is a dancer, teacher and choreograph. Aleksandra mainly teach sensual bachata in France.
She also is a jazz dancer, cabaret dancer, pole dancer and an amazing singer. In this video, Aleksandra is dancing with our Salsa dancing shoes from Latin Dance Shoes Australia. She custom made her salsa dance shoes. Here are the following attributes. Read more about custom made dancing shoes for dancers.

Everything about those Salsa shoes melbourne cbd that Aleksandra is wearing

open toe salsa shoes with glitter
Salsa shoes Melbourne

Gold Salsa shoes Melbourne with Rhinestones attributes

Specific attributes to those competition dance shoes with rhinestones are as listed bellow.

Salsa Shoes Melbourne Heel Height

  • 8.3 centimetres Heel height  – 3 1/4 inches Heel height

Salsa Shoes Melbourne Heel Shape

  • Slim flare heels salsa dance shoes melbourne 

Salsa shoes Melbourne Heel number

  • #301 to customise and get the same heel type


  • Women’s


  • Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Dance footwear style

  • Salsa Dance Shoes with rhinestones

Competition dance shoe Sole type

  • Rubber sole salsa dancing shoes

Short Description of our Shoes for salsa dancing in melbourne

Smooth salsa shoes soles with suede soles and rhinestones all over it. You can customise them with rubber soles like Aleksandra did.

Gold lace up heel dance shoes with rubber soles and ornate with rhinestones. Those salsa heel shoes dare open toes and close with a buckle around the ankle.

Different angles of Aleksandra wearing our Gold salsa shoes

gold salsa shoes for dancing
salsa shoes Melbourne
open toe salsa shoes with glitter
Salsa shoes melbourne Australia
bachata dancer aleksandra
salsa shoes melbourne Victoria

Interview of Aleksandra Dancer Pro wearing our gold Princesa salsa shoes Melbourne

What role do you believe Latin dance plays in giving you the freedom to showcase your personality and emotions?

Let’s delve into the world of dance, the very action itself. Whether engaged in a class or gracing the stage with a performance, the act of dancing propels you into an expressive state. It becomes the realm where you forge a connection with the current moment. It serves as a poignant reminder that life is a canvas meant for reveling in joy. The dance footwear you choose should be more than just a presence; it should act as a catalyst, elevating your delight and intensifying your bond with the dance experience. In my view, Latin Dance Shoes Australia masterfully accomplishes this for you.

Could you share any memorable moments or achievements you've had as a Latin dancer?

Honestly, the moments are endless. From most of the shows and festivals that I have been part of to our classes in Le Mans with Nicolas mbf. But most of my most exciting moments have happened while wearing Latin Dance Shoes Australia dancing shoes. I think bailamos Le Mans  in 2023 is one of the most beautiful productions we have been part of, and of course, the bachata and salsa shoes that we were wearing, not only in the shows but in all the rehearsals were Latin Dance Shoes Australia.

As someone who wears Latin Dance Shoes Australia, what sets them apart from other dance shoe brands and how do they enhance your performance?

The primary aspect to highlight is the quality of Latin Dance Shoes Australia. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide superior comfort and amazing cushioned insole. They are designed to offer enhanced support and comfort for extended periods.

Stepping into the world of dance, one cannot overlook the importance of the right footwear. Latin Dance Shoes Australia is your perfect dance partner, offering an unparalleled blend of quality and comfort. Crafted with precision, these shoes are a testament to beauty, mirroring the elegance of the dance itself. But their appeal is not just skin-deep. They cradle your feet in comfort, making every move effortless. The superior support they provide is akin to a steadfast partner, guiding you through the most intricate dance routines. With these salsa shoes, dance longer, shine brighter, and immerse yourself in the rhythm of Latin dance. They are not just salsa dancing shoes; they are a promise of a seamless salsa dance experience.

Do you have a favorite style from Latin Dance Shoes Australia, and what makes them your go-to choice?

I Absolutely love the gold Princesa salsa shoes. They are lightweight, bright, flexible and so comfy!

How do you maintain and care for your Latin Dance Shoes Australia to ensure their longevity and optimal performance?

As dancer, teacher and performer, I spend a minimum of 5 hours each day in my dance shoes. Naturally, their upkeep is crucial and maintaining them is extremely important. Ensuring they are stored properly to prevent any deformation is paramount. I would argue that this is the most critical aspect of maintenance. But I also have a little secret to say. After each rehearsals, I use a dance shoe brush to remove any dust from under the soles of my suede soles dance shoes. That helps maintain the soles in a better state and helps me spin better!

Could you share some guidance for other Latin dancers who are eager to grow an international reputation like yours ?

Staying consistent and being patient are key. Look for the spot where your art meets what the audience likes. Train well and surround yourself with mentors, classmates, and friends who genuinely want you to reach your goals.

Don’t listen to people, and build your own mental fortress, and make yourself, your dance and your art your happy place. Make sure to take time to also rest and make sure to never neglect good quality dance shoes if you don’t want to have injuries long terms. I absolutely recommend Latin Dance Shoes Australia footwear1

Other Videos of Aleksandra Dancing Bachata

Can I customise my Salsa shoes to meet my dance needs?

Absolutely! You can custom made your salsa dancing shoes at any time and for any models, all of that from the comfort of your home! Customise heel height, heel shape, type of sole and colour of your dance shoes!

Can I wear Salsa Shoes to Dance Bachata ?

Yes, you absolutely can ! Matter of fact, salsa dancers and bachata dancers use the same type of latin dance shoes to dance salsa or bachata

The only difference is related to heel height. Salsa being a faster dance, salsa dancers tends to prefer lower heels (such as a 7cm flare heels or a 2 3/4 inch heel height), while bachata dancers like higher heels like Aleksandra is wearing while dancing bachata with her pair of salsa shoes.

Good thing with Latin Dance Shoes Australia is that you can customise heel height from 1 to 4 inches height and customise the type of heel (cuban heel, flare heel, slim flare heel, stiletto heels) at the same price! Allowing you to buy salsa dance shoes that actually meet your dance needs!

Shop with Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Latin Dance Shoes Australia is Australia’s industry leading dance shoes company. We specialise in latin dance shoes, ballroom dance shoes and custom made dance heels for commercials & high heels dance classes. We also sell swing dance shoes, tap dance shoes, Jazz shoes, and like in this article, rubber or suede knee high boots for dancers.

At Latin Dance Shoes Australia, you can customise any of the following attributes listed bellow at no additional cost.

Buy dance shoes that meet your dance needs, personal preferences and dance level.

Buy salsa shoes Melbourne Australia
salsa shoes melbourne
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Aleksandra Dancer Pro
Bachata dancer & Teacher in Le Mans (France)

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Dance teacher, music passionate and Latin dancers aficionado!
Founder of Latin Dance Shoes Australia