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Umeko wearing Black Knee high boots while dancing on Jingle Bell Rock (& twerking!)

Black Knee High Boots (From latin Dance Shoes Australia) X Jingle Bell Rock Dance X Twerking ! Wishing a Merry Christmas to everyone to celebrate the end of 2023! Watch Umeko Yuko dancing bellow with two beautiful Christmas trees in the background!

Jingle Bell Rock dance & twerking in Black Knee High Boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Christmas celebration by Umeko Yuko wearing Black Knee hight boots for dancing & black and red outfit.

Dancer: Umeko Yuko

Instagram: Umeko Yuko’s Instagram

Dance Boots: Shop Black Knee High Boots

Brand: Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Occasion: Christmas Time 2023

About Umeko Yuko

Umeko Yuko is one of our dance shoes ambassador at Latin Dance Shoes Australia and in this video, she wear our beautiful knee high black boots Lexi.

Umeko Yuko is originally from Japan but based in Madrid and travel the world to teach sensual bachata. She is World champion Bachata 2023 and won so far 18 gold medals and 6 Silver medals in latin dance competitions.

Umeko has been dancing and teaching with other international and worldwide renown bachata dancers such as Sara Panero, Yolanda Rufino, Aitor Barredo, Ataca official and many other.

She recently arrived in a 6th position at the Euroson Latino Competition in Mexico. 

Everything about the black leather knee high boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia

black boots knee high
Black Knee High Boots

Black boots Knee high attributes

Specific attributes to this black knee high boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia are as listed bellow.

Heel Height

  • 8.5 centimetres Heel height  – 3.35 inches Heel height

Heel Shape

  • Flare Heel knee high dance boots

Heel number

  • #428 to customise and get the same heel type


  • Women’s


Dance footwear style

  • Knee high boots

Sole type

  • Suede knee high boots

Customise our knee high boots to fit your needs. Custom made dance boots online. We deliver worldwide.

Other videos from Umeko Yuko On instagram

Also Watch Umeko Bachata dancing with black suede knee high boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Where Can I buy black knee high boots Australia ?

You Can Buy black knee high boots for any type of dancing at Latin Dance Shoes Australia! Best thing is that you can customise heel height, heel shape, type of sole and type of material for free !

Interview of Umeko Yuko (worldwide Bachata champion & ambassador of Latin Dance Shoes Australia)

Clement Maura (CM): Umeko, it’s fantastic to have you here today. Let’s jump right in!

Can you share some insights into the benefits you’ve experienced by wearing Latin Dance Shoes Australia?

Umeko Yuko (UY): Absolutely, Clement. First and foremost, the comfort level is unmatched. Latin Dance Shoes Australia pays meticulous attention to the design, ensuring dancers can move effortlessly without compromising on support. The high-quality materials make a significant difference.

CM: That’s wonderful to hear. Comfort is undoubtedly key. Now, I heard you recently received a pair of our Black knee-high boots.

Can you tell us about your experience wearing our black knee-high boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia?

UY: Oh, those knee-high boots are a game-changer! The emphasis on ‘Black knee high boots’ is no exaggeration. They not only look stunning but provide that extra flair to my dance outfits. The bold design and attention to detail truly set them apart.

CM: Fantastic!

And did you get a chance to showcase those knee high boots black in any specific performance or event?

UY: Indeed, I did! I recently filmed a jingle bell rock video, and those Black knee high boots stole the show. They added a touch of elegance and a whole lot of confidence to my dance routine. The feedback I received was overwhelming.

CM: That sounds incredible!

Beyond the aesthetics, have you noticed any performance-enhancing features in our dance shoes?

UY: Absolutely. The stability they offer is remarkable. Whether I’m doing intricate footwork or spinning, I feel grounded and in control. The design not only enhances my performance but also boosts my confidence on the dance floor.

CM: It’s great to hear that our shoes contribute to both style and performance.

Lastly, Umeko, for those aspiring dancers out there, why would you recommend Latin Dance Shoes Australia?

UY: I’d recommend Latin Dance Shoes Australia without hesitation. The quality, comfort, and style are unparalleled. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, having the right dancing shoes can make a significant difference in your journey. Plus, the range of options allows you to find the perfect pair for your unique style.

CM: Thank you, Umeko, for sharing your insights and experiences. It’s clear that Latin Dance Shoes Australia plays a significant role in enhancing the dance experience. We appreciate your time and valuable feedback.

UY: My pleasure, Clement. Keep dancing, everyone!

About Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Latin Dance Shoes Australia is Australia’s industry leading dance shoes company. We specialise in latin dance shoes, ballroom dance shoes and custom made dance heels for commercials & high heels dance classes. We also sell swing dance shoes, tap dance shoes, Jazz shoes, and like in this article, rubber or suede knee high boots for dancers.

At Latin Dance Shoes Australia, you can customise any of the following attributes listed bellow at no additional cost.

Buy dance shoes that meet your dance needs, personal preferences and dance level.

Black Knee high boots for dancing
black knee high boots

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear knee high boots for ballroom dancing ?

Absolutely ! You can wear knee high boots for ballroom dancing. At Latin Dance Shoes Australia you can also customise heel height and heel shape to make it easier for you to dance any ballroom dances while wearing boots knee high.

Yes, you can wear knee high boots while latin dancing ! Matter of fact, bachateras absolutely love wearing black knee high boots for bachata lady styling or partner dancing, adding a touch aof class and elegance in their outfit !

Wear black knee high boots with black glittery dress !

Latin Dance Shoes Australia sell knee high boots in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Japan, Europe and UK. Matter of fact, we deliver worldwide!

Make sure to check the shoe size guide when buying black knee high boots. Also check the terms and conditions for returns. Finally, and not the least important: Always make sure to purchase dance shoes that fit your needs. Best way to do so? Being able to customise heel height and heel shape of your desired dance shoes or dance boots.

Bachata Dancer | Website | + posts

Umeko Yuko
World Champion Bachata 2023

Dance Teacher at Latin Dance Shoes Australia | Website | + posts

Dance teacher, music passionate and Latin dancers aficionado!
Founder of Latin Dance Shoes Australia