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Dance Sneakers Australia

Dance Sneakers Australia: Purchasing a good quality dance sneakers in Australia can be harder than you think. Moreover if you don’t have any dance experience in dance, or in dancing shoes and dance sneakers itself. But don’t you worry! This buying will help you define what is the best dance sneakers to buy in Australia, 4 tips and advices for choosing the right pair of dance sneakers and our recommendation of sneakers for dance lessons and social events!

Table of Contents

What are dance sneakers? Why would we use dance sneakers for?

Dance sneakers are a type of footwear designed for dancers. They can be used by dancers or non dancers, but it would make more sense to purchase regular sneakers for non-dancers due to the specific attribute dance sneakers presents (Split sole dance shoes, flexibility, support)

They are similar in appearance to regular sneakers, but they have 4 main features that make them more suitable for dancers and help them dancing longer, safer and while feeling more supported by their dance footwear.

sneakers for dancing salsa. Supportive Salsa dance sneakers and salsa dance shoes
Sneakers for dancing Ballroom. And Ballroom dance sneakers and Ballroom dance shoes.

Dance sneakers have a split sole, which allows for greater flexibility and range of motion in the foot. Ensuring a more comfortable dance experience and less pain associociated to long hours of dance and practice. They also have a thinner and more flexible sole than regular sneakers, which allows the dancer to feel the floor and make more precise movements.

In addition to the split sole feature and flexible sole dance shoes, dance sneakers also have 3 other features:

  • extra cushioning for comfort,
  • a high-top design for ankle support,
  • and a non-marking sole to prevent damage to dance floors.
Benefits of wearing dance sneakers for dancers in Australia and worldwide

What dance style can I use dance sneakers to dance?

Sneakers for dance in Australia

Dance sneakers are used in a 13 dance styles:

  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Jazz Dance
  • Zumba
  • Latin Dance
  • Salsa dance
  • Bachata Dance
  • Kizomba Dance
  • Zouk Dance
  • Tango Dance
  • Ballroom Dance
  • Rock n Roll Dance
  • Swing Dance
  • Line Dance

For what purposes can dance sneakers be used when dancing?

Dance Sneakers Australia are used for 5 main occasions:

  • Dance Classes / Dance lessons
  • Practice dance / Rehearsal dance
  • Wedding dance
  • Dance Performances
  • Social Dance Events

Dance sneakers reduce the risks of injuries while dancing

Dance sneakers Australia: 4 tips when buying sneakers for dance and Attributes to look for when shopping for dance sneakers in Australia dance stores.

When buying dance sneakers in Australia, you need to look at:

  • Product reviews (how many reviews from each dance sneakers sellers)
  • General Brand popularity 
  • Sole flexibility (to ensure a better support and comfortable dance sneakers)
  • Quality materials used: does the dance sneakers you want to buy feel cheap? or sturdy?)

Where to buy dance sneakers in Australia?

Latin Dance Shoes Australia sells the best quality dance sneakers, using 100% premium quality material and 100% leather. We have a shop located on the Gold Coast.

Postal Address: 7-11 redondo avenue, Miami, Gold Coast, Australia

We also deliver Australia wide & worldwide!

Comparison between dance sneakers and regular sneakers for dancers in Australia

Dance Sneakers:

  • Flexible dance shoes
  • Extra cushioning in the insole
  • Split sole to reduce any risk of foot injuries such as heels spurs or athlete foot injuries
  • Made for dancers and will last longer (more durable)

Regular sneakers:

  • More choice and style diversity
  • Choose between major brands such as Nike, Adidas, Jordans
  • Use them for street wear or dancing
  • Not made specifically to protect and assist dancers

Comfortable and affordable dance sneakers Australia Online

What is the Best Dance Sneakers Australia For Jazz Dance, Latin Dance And Ballroom Dance?

Charlotte is the best sneakers for dancers in Australia!

  • Most Affordable dance sneakers Australia
  • Best quality/ price ratio for dance sneakers Australia
  • Lightweight Dance Sneakers 
  • Flexible and durable
  • 100% Leather premium Quality Material
  • Cushioned insole
  • look fashion and perfect dance sneakers for street Dance

Our recommendations for regular sneakers that are good for dancing too

Adidas Superstar dance sneakers

Best Sneakers for salsa dancing

What do we like:

  • This is a classic, Stylish, street but still elegant !
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent quality shoes
  • Can go with any outfit
  • Perfect to use in dance studio, social dancing events or casually outdoor. It provides additional mobility!
  • Comes in many models, colours and style
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for dance fitness, workout shoes, and fitness workout
  • Alternatively, we also like the Adidas Stan Smith!


In my experience, the Adidas superstars are the best dance sneakers for bachata dancing. I found them lightweight. It’s definitely  great feeling when I dance for hours and hours for social dancing, but don’t even realise I wear them! My favourite part is that they are timeless, always be trendy and look great. Easy to match with any outfits and I can actually spin pretty well with them!


Best sneakers for street dance

What do we like:

  • This is a classic in Nike, perfect for hip Hop but also used often by street salsa dancers!
  • A bit more expensive but more rare!
  • Excellent ankle support – and is more protective in case of injuries
  • They are not as lightweight as the two other shoes, but have a better durability, is good for wider feet and provide a solid grip.
  • Best shoes for hip hop dancing
  • Best salsa dance sneakers & sneakers for salsa dancing


I absolutely love this shoes! Every time I go dance a slower dance like Kizomba, I love wearing this Nike dance sneakers. Why? Because they are beautiful to wear. I use them lot for slower dance like kizomba because they are heavier. So if I have to dance a much faster and active dance (like salsa  dancing), I would feel the difference compare to the Adidas superstars! That’s why, when I go social dancing and it is mainly bachata and kizomba, I would wear those dance sneakers!

Nike Air Jordan

Our other recommendation for regular sneakers with the purpose of dancing

comparison between dance sneakers and regular sneakers

Stan smith are the other Adidas dance sneakers I love to use. Light, elegant and practical for dancing ! Also not compromising my French fashionable style while dancing and using supportive regular sneakers.

What are the worst Dance sneakers to dance with?

With over 20 years of dancing and more than 100 pairs of dance shoes trials, I struggle the most with the vans to dance with. They are too grippy for me, heavier than the regular sneakers above and not supportive enough or cushioned enough. They are great regular sneakers, but the worst sneakers for dance in my personal experience.

For information, I do a lot of Latin and ballroom dancing. They might be better shoes for hip hop dancers, but not for latin and ballroom dance styles (and definitely not Jazz dance!)

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Dance Sneakers Australia

Dance Sneakers Australia

Dance Sneakers Australia

Buying guide: Dance Sneakers Australia

They use white or black Split sole dance sneakers, allowing for more flexible movements and reducing the risks of injuries.

Yes, you can use split sole dance sneakers for Jazz dance lessons, social dancing events or performances.

Dance sneakers have 4 distinctive features. They have a split sole, cushioned insole, ankle support and non marking sole.

You can walk with them. They are made for dancing. You can use them to sprint at some point while you dance, but no run for 5km marathon for example.

Yes. Dance sneakers with a rubber or leather sole can be used for indoor and outdoor dancing.

Dance sneakers should feel tight but not as tight as heels dance shoes. Heels dance shoes only hold through a small ankle strap. They need to be fit very tight to support your feet while dancing. However, when wearing dance sneakers, you don’t need to feel them too tight. You will always be able to lace up and tighten your dance sneakers. Which is not the case for heels dance shoes.

We sell dance sneakers in Australia and worldwide. We also sell dance shoes, dance boots, ballet slippers, jazz dance shoes, customised dance wear and pole dancing shoes.

List of Different Type of Dance Sneakers Australia

Latin Dance Sneakers Australia

Ballroom Dance Sneakers Australia

Jazz Dance Sneakers Australia

Salsa Dance Sneakers Australia

Bachata Dance Sneakers Australia

Zouk Dance Sneakers Australia

Tango Dance Sneakers Australia

Swing dance sneakers Australia

Hip Hop Dance Sneakers Australia

Ballet dance sneakers Australia

Dance Sneakers Australia.

Tips and advice for choosing the right pair of dance sneakers Australia and dance shoes in Australia.

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