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The Best Latin Dance Sneakers For Dancing

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The Best Latin Dance Sneakers For Dancing

Are you a passionate Latin dancer looking for the best shoes to give you the freedom to express yourself on the dance floor? When it comes to Latin dancing, not just any pair of sneakers will do – they need to be designed specifically to provide the comfort, support, and flexibility you need to move with precision and grace. In this blog post, we’ll review some of the best Latin dance sneakers available, so you can pick the perfect pair to take your dancing to the next level.

The best latin dance sneakers for dancing

What are the criteria when buying Latin dance sneakers?

When Buying Latin dance sneakers, you want These shoes to provide excellent comfort, flexibility, and traction, so you can dance your heart out on the dance floor.

1- Look for shoes with a flexible sole. This will provide you with the best range of motion and support.The more flexible the shoes is, the more it will follow your foot while dancing and make the whole experience a lot more comfortable.

2- You also want to select a Latin dance sneakers that is lightweight. You will be dancing with them all night long. You want them to be comfortable, supportive and definitely not an extra weight. The sole should also be split-sole, or “cut-away,” to allow for maximum manoeuvrability.

3- You also want to make sure that the shoe offers good cushioning and arch and ankle support. This will reduce your risk of injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis and knees injuries .

4- Good quality Material. We usually use PU Leather on top or satin. It doesn’t last as long as leather, but it will keep a better stunning look. The inner lining should also be breathable and comfortable to keep your feet feeling fresh, no matter how hard you’re dancing.

5- Suede Sole. When it comes to traction, look for shoes with a suede sole. This allows you to pivot and spin on the dance floor easier while protecting you from injuries. Some shoes are also designed with additional grips to provide a more secure footing.

Latin dance sneakers and dance shoe come in a variety of colors and styles, so it’s easy to find a pair that will match your individual style. So, if you’re looking to get serious about Latin dance, make sure you invest in a pair of quality Latin dance sneakers!

Latin Dance Sneakers For Latin Dancing

If you love Latin dance, then you know the importance of having the right type of shoes. Latin dance sneakers are specifically designed to support the movements of the various Latin dance styles such as salsa, bachata, kizomba, zouk and more.

Casual Everyday look – Adidas Original 

Dance Sneakers look – Charlotte Split sole Dancer Sneaker (black or white option)


Best Latin dance Sneakers for Salsa dancing

Those are also perfect

Bloch dance sneakers

Latin dance sneakers for bachata dancing


Latin dance sneakers for cha-cha

Latin Dance Sneakers For Swing Dancing

What to look for when buying Latin dance Sneakers for Swing Dancing?

1. Support: When choosing dance shoes, it is important to consider the support they provide. 

Look for shoes with extrapadding around the ankles and heel to provide extra support.

2. Comfort: Comfort is key when it comes to Latin dance sneakers, especially when it comes to swing dancing. 

Choose shoes with a soft, flexible upper and a breathable lining to keep your feet comfortable no matter how long you’re dancing.

3. Flexibility: Look for shoes that provide a good amount of flexibility in the sole for maximum range of motion.

4. Durability: Choose shoes made with high-quality materials that are designed to last.

5. Style: Finally, don’t forget to consider style. 

Whether your preference is for a classic look or something a bit moremodern, there are several options available to fit your style.

Our Recommendations:

Dance Sneakers look – Charlotte Split sole sneakers for dance.

You could also use our regular Latin dance Shoes that will be listed bellow – or you can visit our shop!

Is there any Latin Dance Sneakers For Argentine Tango?

Yes, there are many Latin dance sneakers available specifically for Argentine Tango. 

The main features that separate these sneakers from regular dance shoes are the split sole design, supportive cushioning, and flexibility in the soles.

Additionally, many Argentine Tango shoes feature textured soles to help prevent slipping on the dance floor.

Check out our regular Latin dance Shoes that will be listed bellow – or you can visit our shop!

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Latin dance Shoes Australia sell high quality dancing shoes. Latin, Ballroom shoes, ballet shoes, jazz shoes, swing shoes, and more! All our heels shoes can be customise at no extra cost! Choose between cuban heel, flared heel, stiletto heels.Decide about your heel height (from 4cm height to 10 cm high heels) and type of sole (rubber sole or suede sole). And we let you customise it all for free! All our latin shoes are premium quality, and we offer free shipping for orders over $260.

We also have a range of colours from basic Black and Tan to diamond dancing shoes for competition.We also sell dancewear that can be used for Shows. All our shoes are perfect for dance classes, social dance and shows. We also offer and sell accessories. One of the most important being a dance brush to clean your dance shoes!

Beginner to advance dancers, we got you sorted!

Read our heel tips here!


No, Latin dance sneakers do not fit all types of feet. Different brands of Latin dance sneakers may have different fits, so itis important to try on a few different pairs to determine which fits your individual foot the best.

You can dance them all!  Popular styles of salsa include Cuban salsa, Colombian salsa, New York-style salsa, Miami-stylesalsa, and L.A. style salsa.

Here is a video of Salsa Origins and History

1. Always make sure to brush any dirt or dust off the shoes before and after use with a shoe brush.

2. Store the shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

3. Spot clean any areas with stains using a damp cloth and mild soap.

4. Apply a thin layer of leather conditioner to keep them in top condition.

5. Rotate different pairs of dance shoes so you don’t wear the same ones over and over.

6. If applicable, remove the insole and insert a new one periodically to keep the shoes comfortable and supportive.

Check our article here on how to clean your dance shoes and our video about how to keep your dance shoes from smelling bad

The best fit of a pair of Latina Dance Sneakers will depend on your individual foot size and shape. Therefore, it is important for you to measure your feet and compare it to the size chart provided by the manufacturer before making a purchase.

The best practice would be to measure your feet in cm or in inches from the back of your heel to your longer toe. Make sure to measure both feet as we always have one longer than the other!

Be aware that if you have a wider foot, it would be more appropriate to go in shop and try them instead of purchasing your new paire of dance shoes online!

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