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How to Keep Your Dance Shoes from Smelling Bad ? Smelly Dance Shoes

How to Keep Your Dance Shoes from Smelling Bad

how to keep your dance shoes from smelling bad? smelly dance shoes

Smelly dance shoes?

Nothing is worse than having your dance shoes smell bad. Not only is it unpleasant for you, but it’s also unpleasant for your dance partners. If you’re wondering how to keep your dance shoes from smelling bad, there are a few things you can do.

What makes dance shoes smelly?

First, let’s take a look at what makes dance shoes smelly. Dance shoes are made of leather or suede, which are both porous materials. This means that they absorb sweat and bacteria, which can lead to bad odors. In addition, if your feet are not clean and dry when you put on your dance shoes, this can also contribute to bad smells. Finally, if your dance shoes don’t have proper ventilation, this can also cause them to become smelly.

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So, how can you eliminate the bad odors from your dance shoes?

First, make sure you choose the right material. Leather or suede dance shoes are more likely to absorb sweat and bacteria than synthetic materials.

Second, make sure you store your dance shoes in a cool, dry place. Do not store them in a plastic bag, as this will trap moisture and lead to bad odors.

Third, make sure you keep your feet clean and dry before putting on your dance shoes.

Fourth, make sure your dance shoes have good ventilation so that they can air out between uses.

Finally, give your dance shoes a rest every once in awhile so that they don’t get too smelly.

Dance shoe deodorizers can also help to keep your dance shoes smelling fresh.


Dance shoes can get smelly if they’re made of leather or suede, if they don’t have proper ventilation, or if they’re not given a chance to air out between uses. You can prevent smelly dance shoes by choosing the right material, storing them properly, keeping your feet clean and dry before putting them on, and giving them a break every once in awhile. Dance shoe deodorizers can also help keep your shoes smelling fresh.

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We Hope this article helped you fix and avoid smelly dance shoes!

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We Hope this article helped you fix and avoid smelly dance shoes!

The bacteria and acid of your sweat in contact to the material will produce that strong smell. You can use a Tea Bag, or baking soda in order to neutralise the bacteria and smell!

Always use a shoe brush to clean the Suede sole after dancing. Leave your shoes in a ventilated place so after your dance the smell can go away!

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