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What to Bring to your First Salsa Dance lesson? #1 Best Tips

What to bring to your first salsa dance lesson? Here’s a list!

Salsa dancing is a great way to get fit, have fun, and socialize. You will also learn a lot of new salsa dance moves. However, before you even start dancing, there are a few things you’ll need to bring with you. In this blog post, we’ll list everything you need to know to prepare for your first salsa dance lesson. From what type of shoes to wear, to how to dress for the class, we’ll have it all covered! So don’t wait any longer – start dancing today!

What is Salsa dance?

Are you ready to learn some salsa? If so, you’re in for a fun ride! Salsa is a dance that originated from Cuba. It is a fast-paced, Latin dance that is extremely energetic and involves lots of movement and coordination.

To learn salsa, it’s recommended to attend a beginner class first so you can get comfortable with the steps.

Now let’s get you  ready for your first salsa class!

Here is our recommendation for a white dance sneaker that would be great for salsa lessons

How To Dress For Salsa Dance Lessons

Dancing salsa is a lot of fun, but it can be tricky if you’re not properly dressed.Let’s have a look at what is recommended so you can check in your wardrobe before your initial lesson!

What to Bring to Your First Salsa Dance Lesson?

Wear Stretchy and Comfortable clothes

Make sure to bring along a comfortable outfit so you can move your whole body freely.

During classes, students usually bring:

  • Women Usually wear Leggings, yoga pants or short, tank or sleeveless shirt
  • Men wear jeans or shorts with a Casual T-shir and dance sneakers

For dressier dances, like ballroom dance, wear something formal but comfortable.

What to Bring to Your First Salsa Dance Lesson?

What to Bring to Your First Salsa Dance Lesson?

Bring Latin dance Shoes

You can bring your casual sneakers or flats to dance classes. However, it is recommended to buy some Latin dance Shoes. Indeed, dance shoes will:

  • Improve your dance
  • Help you turn and spinning better
  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Make you look amazing

Salsa dance shoes are made for salsa dancing. They provide:

  • a good arch support
  • a good ankle support
  • Comfortable insole
  • Proper Suede Sole

Those are more than simple accessories. They are essential for dancers on the long run! It is important to choose the right kind of shoes for each type of dance.

Men usually use regular sneakers or dance sneakers while learning partner dancing. Men are not required to spin as much as the lady. Because of that, shoes are not as important.

What to Bring to Your First Salsa Dance Lesson?

What to Bring to Your First Salsa Dance Lesson?

Bring a water bottle and a towel

Indeed, it can get extremely hot in there! You are up for a sweaty ride. It can be a good idea to bring a towel and bottle in case of !The last think we would want is that you faint on the dancefloor!

What to bring to your first salsa dance lesson?

Finally, Bring good vibes, open mind and your biggest smile!

What to bring to your first salsa dance lesson?

Salsa is so much fun! And we know that you will love it !

Coming with the right mindset and ready to have fun is the way to go to your first salsa dance lesson!

What to bring to your first salsa dance lesson?

Wear Clothing That Clearly Shows Body Movements

When you start, you often make the mistakes of bringing clothes that don’t show body movements. It’s important to be aware of the body movements when you are dancing in order to look more graceful and coordinated on the dance floor. To achieve this, choose clothing that allows your skin to breathe and move freely, but that still allow you to see your body movement and correct them! You are allowed to bring tight clothing, like a tight t-shirt or top. Make sure it is a breathable material so you don’t sweat too much and be bothered.

What if I wear the wrong clothes?

Wearing the wrong clothes and dress code can make you feel uncomfortable and out of place. This is especially true when dancing – if you’re not comfortable, your movements will be hampered, which will result in a subpar dance performance. So, it’s important to wear clothes that are both comfortable and stylish to dance salsa. And while there are plenty of affordable options available, don’t forget to bring good shoes! They play an essential role in helping you dance. Make sure not to bring high heels for your first lesson as you might loose your balance.

What to avoid for men: Baggy Shirts and jogger. This is not a contact sport like boxing. Something a bit more dressy would be better!

What to Bring to Your First Salsa Dance Lesson?

What to bring to your first salsa dance lesson?

What to Bring to Your First Salsa Dance Lesson?

The Best Salsa Dance Shoes

When you’re ready to take your salsa to the next level, make sure you pack the right gear.

Here is our recommendations in term of heels shape and heels height. Down the bottom of this post, we will add our recommended Latin shoes!

Beginner dancers: Cuban Heels or 7cm Flared Heels

Improvers to intermediate dancers: 7 to 10cm Flared Heels

Advance dancers: all the one above + Any Straight Stiletto heels!

Make sure to always measure your foot to decide of your new pair of shoes. Measure from your heel to the longest toe (in cm or inches) and refer to our guide chart.

If you decide to come with sneakers, make sure to bring some shoes that got enough grips so it is not too slippery for you on your first day and first salsa class!

What to Bring to Your First Salsa Dance Lesson?

Latin dance shoes

Tips for first time salsa dancers

Salsa dancing can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to prepare for the experience. Before your first salsa lesson, make sure to bring the essentials – like water, a dance mat, and comfortable clothing.

Our other tips are:

  • Always make sure to arrive early, before your dance class start. It will allow the the reception in your local dance school to Sign you in as a new student!
  • Introduce yourself to your dance instructor! It will make that whole class a lot easier and friendly.
  • Don’t stress, we are here to have fun! Breath, and don’t take things personally! Instead enjoy the experience!
  • If you stress, it’s totally normal! Make sure to put extra deodorant! Deodorant will help you feel better with yourself!
  • Listen to the music. Salsa music is very specific and it can be intimidating at first. Make sure to listen a lot of salsa music. In your car, at home, anywhere!
  • If you just had your first salsa lesson and want to practice further: After classes, take a video of the teacher performing what you just learned. And practice it at home !
  • Go practice at social event. Even if you only know basic steps. The more you practice, the faster you learn!
  • Finally, try other styles like Bachata! This will help your brain learning and improving! In social dancing event, salsa and bachata are the most popular dances. Bachata is characterised by a lot of hips movement, leg action, footwork and body rolls. Learning Bachata footwork will definitely help you with your foot placement!

What to bring to Your First salsa dance lesson? – Conclusion

Whether you’re a first timer or a dance enthusiast, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we’ve outlined everything you need to know before your first salsa lesson. So what are you gonna do? Start dancing today with our helpful tips!

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What to Bring to Your First Salsa Dance Lesson?

We always recommend that first time dancers wear comfortable clothing. dance shoes are a personal preference and you can bring your own shoes, but we would recommend wearing Cuban heels or 7cm flared heels for beginner class(s). After class, practice at home by taking a video of the dance teacher performing what you just learned – then continue practicing!

When you first start salsa dancing, the most important thing is to listen to the music and follow what your instructor is doing. Make sure to practice a lot! And take plenty of pictures or videos so you can remember all the steps. If you have any questions about salsa dancing, don’t hesitate to ask us in our comments below or on social media!

Great! Salsa is a really fun and social dance. It’s great for people of all ages and dance experience. Our top tips are:

– arrive early to your first class so that you can get signed in,

– make sure to listen to the music and follow what you instructor is doing,

– practice a lot at home afterwards so that you can learn all the steps!

It costs $20/hour for dance lessons. Dance Studio also allow you to purchase a 10 class package or have unlimited dance classes option. We would recommend you to check with your local dance studio!

There are many benefits to taking salsa lessons, including:

  • learning a new social dance
  • Meeting new people
  • improving your dancing skills
  • Exercising
  • having fun

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on your needs and preferences. Group classes generally allow you to learn from a variety of different instructors, while private lessons are more customized in terms of teaching style. You will pay more but learn faster and learn things that are extremely relevant to your needs!

Thank you for reading our article about What to Bring to Your First Salsa Dance Lesson?

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