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Zapatos para baile swing

Shoes for swing dance. What are the attributes of shoes for swing dance, what to look for when purchasing shoes for swing dancing and where to buy swing dance shoes.
tipos de zapatos para bailar swing


What is Swing Dance ?

Swing dance is a lively and energetic form of partner dance that originated in the United States during the 1920s and 1930s. It’s characterized by its unique and dynamic style, often accompanied by swing music, and includes various styles such as the Lindy Hop, Charleston, and East Coast Swing.

What shoes to wear for Swing dancing ?

Zapatos para bailar swing
Black Shoes for swing dance

Flats or low heels dance shoes

Swing dance shoes typically have flat or very low heels, which provide stability and balance. Avoid high heels as they can be uncomfortable and impede movement.

Beneficios de usar zapatos de baile latino de tacón bajo

zapatos de baile con suela de ante frente a zapatos de baile con suela de cuero liso
Suede soles on the left, rubber soles on the right

Smooth Soles Dance Shoes

Choose dance shoes with smooth leather soles o suelas de ante that allow for easy pivoting and sliding on the dance floor. These materials provide just the right amount of traction and slip for swing dancing. 

If you dance outside, we recommend purchasing rubber soles dance shoes or smooth PU leather soles.

¿De qué están hechas las zapatillas de baile Sole?

tacones cubanos negros zapatos de baile
T bar dance shoes for swing and rock n roll dancing

Ankle Strap or T Bar Heels dance shoes

Choose between ankle straps or t bar heel dance shoes for swing dancing. Those are extremely popular for swing dancers.

zapatos de baile marrones con hebilla

Comfortable and perfectly fit dance shoes

Make sure the shoes fit snugly but are not too tight. Comfortable shoes are essential for an enjoyable dance experience.


Zapatos de baile latino Australia

Proper arch and heel support

Look for shoes that offer good arch and heel support to protect your feet and provide stability during dance movements.

zapatos kitten heels

Durable dance shoes lightweight with sturdy construction

Swing dancing can be physically demanding, so choose shoes with durable construction to withstand the rigors of dancing but lightweight enough so it will not make you even more tired while dancing.

zapatos de baile

Breathable materials

Dance shoes with breathable materials (like leather or canvas) will help keep your feet cool and dry during extended dance sessions.

Tacones negros de punta cerrada para mujer

Closed toe & Secure fastening

Closed-toe shoes or those with secure fastenings (like laces or straps) provide extra stability and prevent the shoes from slipping off during energetic movements..

Zapatos de baile Swing rojos

Vintage style vs modern style shoes for swing dancing 

Swing dance shoes come in various styles, from vintage to modern. You can choose a style that suits your personal preferences and the specific swing dance style you’re practicing.

Benefits of wearing specialised shoes for swing dance ?

Wearing specialized shoes for swing dance can provide 5 main benefits listed bellow.

zapatos de baile tacones de 2,5 pulgadas

Support & Stability

Swing dancing involves a lot of footwork, placing the feet in a range of angles, and in some dances, the Balboa for example, it’s all quite fast. To protect your feet from injury while you dance, a supportive shoe is important. Fully enclosed leather uppers like Oxford style shoes have great foot support

Increase flexibility & range of movements

Swing dance shoes are designed to be flexible, allowing the shoe to move with the foot. A well-designed shoe can not only allow a dancer to glide, slide, and move with ease but also highlight footwork and leg lines

Improved comfort for hours of dancing

Swing dance shoes and dancec footwear are specially designed to provide comfort while dancing due to a flexible dance shoe sole, higher arch support and cushioning insole to absorb shocks while dancing.

diferentes componentes de los zapatos de danza

Specialised Shoes Soles for dancers

Dance shoes soles are made of rubber or leather. Suede sole dance shoes are the most flexible one and provide the best benefits on a hardwood dance floor. Read our guide about the other types of soles for dance shoes.

Flexible soles dance shoes is primordial for dancers so that your shoes follow exactly the movement of your feet, avoiding cramps and foot pain.

zapatos para mujer

Superior arch support

Superior arch support promotes stability, comfort and foot health, allowing you to dance for long period of time without experiencing discomfort or pain.

This is extremely important to avoid heel pains.

tacones zapatos de baile

Extra cushion insole

Built-in cushioned padding protect your feet and absorbs shocks while you are dancing.

Heels spurs is one of the most recurrent injury for dancers. That’s why you do need the most comfortable dance shoes on the market.

Can I wear Ballroom Dance shoes for swing dance ?

Yes, you can wear ballroom dance shoes for swing dance lessons and swing dancing sessions.

Can you use latin dance shoes for west coast swing ?

Yes, you can wear latin dance shoes for west coast swing dance lessons and swing dancing sessions.

How to make dress shoes slide for swing dancing

You can buy calcetines de baile that cover your regular shoes and help you spin better by reducing friction between shoes and the pista de baile.


Shop swing dance shoes for women

Zapatos de baile Swing rosa Australia
Best Shoes for swing dance

Best shoes for swing dancing


tacones cerrados para mujer's

Other shoes for swing dance

Open toe dance shoes for swing dancing

tipos de zapatos para bailar swing
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