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Zapatos de baile veganos

Are you looking for a pair of vegan dance shoes? If so, you are at the right dance shoes company here at Latin Dance Shoes Australia. We sell customise dance shoes, and offer a vegan dance does alternative on any of our dance shoes and dance boots models. And it does not cost any extra. Let us explain how and what our vegan dance shoes alternative are, so you can go shopping with a peace of mind.

Compra zapatos de baile veganos con Latin Dance Shoes Australia


What are vegan dance shoes made of ?

We use 100% synthetic materials on our dance shoes for any customers that want to purchase a vegan dance shoes.

tacones cubanos negros zapatos de baile
PU leather material - Same look as genuine leather

Outer material dance shoes

We would use Cuero PU, as synthetic material, or satin (using a synthetic microfibre).

zapatos de baile con suela de ante frente a zapatos de baile con suela de cuero liso
Left boot is suede soles - Right boot is PU Leather sole

Suela zapatos de baile

We would use PU leather, as synthetic material, or Rubber.

Seguir leyendo qué es el cuero PU

Advantages of purchasing a vegan dance shoes

Hay 3 main advantages at shopping for vegan dance shoes and we listed them bellow.

Inconvenient of buying vegan dance shoes

Hay 2 main inconvenient at buying vegan dance shoes and we listed them bellow.

  • They are not as durable as proper leather
  • Rubber soles or PU leather soles are stiffer. Dancers will loose a bit of flexibility in the shoe sole.

What are the different types of vegan dance shoes ?

Vegan Latin Dance Shoes

Vegan Ballroom Dance Shoes

Vegan Swing Dance Shoes

Vegan Jazz Dance Shoes

Vegan Mens Latin Dance Shoe

Vegan Irish dance shoes

Shop vegan irish dance shoes online.

Where do I buy vegan dance shoes in Australia?

Aquí en Zapatos de baile latino Australia, we offer both option and deliver worldwide. You can decide to buy a leather dance shoes or a 100% synthetic and entirely vegan dance shoes option. Best vegan dance shoes Australia.

We sell vegan dance shoes worldwide. Shop online to get any of the following.

  • International dance shoes vegan
  • Vegan dance shoes Canada
  • Vegan dance Shoes London
  • Vegan Dance Shoes France
  • Vegan dance Shoes NYC
  • Vegan Dance Shoes UK
  • Vegan Dance Shoes New Zealand
  • Vegan Dance Shoes United States
  • Vegan Dance Shoes Las Vegas

How do I purchase vegan dance shoes ?

Browser our dance shoes and dance boots collection. Once you find the model you like, simply select rubber sole (not suede soles, because suede is a type of leather), and add a note at check out asking for PU leather if we specified leather in our product description. Otherwise, if not specified genuine leather, we automatically make those dance shoes using PU leather.

How long before I receive my vegan dance shoes ?

Después de procesar su pago, espere de 1 a 2 días hábiles para preparar su pedido y luego enviarlo. En general, deberías recibir tus preciosos zapatos de baile veganos en un plazo de 1 a 2 semanas.

Vegan shoes for dancers

Indulge in guilt-free rhythm with Latin Dance Shoes Australia, pioneering vegan dance footwear that blends style, ethics, and customization. Elevate your dance experience with our vegan-friendly options, offering PU leather for the outer material and a rubber sole – both 100% synthetic and entirely vegan. Embrace the benefits of cruelty-free fashion, contributing to a sustainable future while expressing your passion for dance.

Quality vegan dance shoes for dancing

Choosing vegan materials not only aligns with ethical values but also ensures lightweight, breathable, and durable dance shoes. Experience the joy of dancing with a clear conscience, knowing your footwear mirrors your commitment to compassion and environmental responsibility.

We specialise in custom made dance shoes & can make them all for you

At Latin Dance Shoes Australia, customization is our forte. Tailor your shoes to perfection by selecting heels heights, shapes, and the type of sole that suits your individual preferences. This unique feature empowers dancers to create personalized, comfortable, and stylish footwear that complements their distinct dance style.

Step confidently onto the dance floor, knowing that each move is supported by dance footwear that resonates with your values. Latin Dance Shoes Australia offers more than just dancing shoes; we provide an experience where fashion, ethics, and individuality converge seamlessly, inviting dancers to dance with purpose and poise.

Acerca de Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Zapatos de baile latino Australia es la empresa australiana líder en calzado de danza. Entregamos en todo el mundo. Nos especializamos en la fabricación y venta de zapatos de baile latino, zapatos de baile de salón y tacones de baile. También vendemos zapatos de claqué, zapatos de jazz, zapatos de baile swing and rock n roll dance shoes. Read more acerca de nosotros. Terms and conditions are available here: condiciones generales

Alternativamente, Póngase en contacto con nosotros para cualquier pregunta.

Compra zapatos de baile veganos con Latin Dance Shoes Australia
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Profesora de baile, apasionada de la música y aficionada a los bailes latinos.
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