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Die besten Latein-Tanzschuhe für Frauen | Top-Picks und Bewertungen

Die besten Latein-Tanzschuhe für Frauen | Top-Picks und Bewertungen

Latin dance shoes are known for their unique and captivating look. They come in different styles and materials, but one thing that all Latin dance shoes have in common is the fact that they make you look amazing , enhance your performance and hence improve your dance moves! But Which one should you choose? The answer is right here bellow !

If you’re a woman who wants to bring her ballroom dance to the next level, then you should definitely consider buying a pair of Latin dance shoes. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the benefits of Latin dance shoes for women, as well as detailing some of the best picks on the market today. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed purchase decision!

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1 – Benefits of Latin Dance Shoes for Women

Latin dance shoes are designed to provide the woman with maximum foot support and comfort. Their flexibility will increase your range of motion by fully following your foot shape while executing a dance move. Many women who regularly use Latin dance shoes report a significant decrease in pain in their feet and ankles due to increased mobility and flexibility in their joints. So why not give them a try? You might be surprised at the benefits you experience!

1.1 Better Balance and Stability

Dancing is a great way to stay healthy and fit, but it can be difficult finding shoes that are both comfortable and help improve balance and stability. Latin dance shoes are designed with this in mind, helping you to stay on your feet longer while working up a sweat. You can also use them for many types of dance such as Gesellschaftstänze, salsa or tango – making them the perfect choice for any dance lover!

However, make sure to buy the richtige Größe; they come in different widths so it’s important to try them on before buying.

Fußverletzungen tanzen

1.2 Avoid risk of injuries

Dancing can be a great way to exercise and have fun, but it’s important to take precautions to avoid injuries. Improving your dance moves with the help of Latin Dance Shoes for women will improve your performance and prevent you from getting injured in the process!

Spinning constantly and making quick steps around can be hard for your knees and joints. Due to the soft Suede sole material, you will be able to spin easier, reducing the friction between the floor and your sole. Protecting your knees from many common injuries!

Check our detailed article:

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So, How do you choose the perfect dance shoes for you? Answer Bellow!

2- What to look for in Latin dance shoes for women?

  • First, make sure they fit well and are comfortable.
  • Second, look for shoes with good arch support and cushion to ensure your feet stay stable during dance.
  • Third, choose shoes with a low heel to help you move more easily on the Tanzfläche.
  • Finally, make sure to select the good shoe size and contact us if you need help to select the best Latin dance shoes for you

Sie suchen nach farbenfrohen, modischen Latein-Tanzschuhen?

Let’s see what to consider more specifically!

Absätze Tanzstiefel melbourne Vespa

2.1- Heels Height and Shape

It exist 3 main type of heels shape:

  • Cuban Heels, perfect for an absolute beginners dancers
  • Flared Heels perfect for beginners + to advance
  • Gerade Stiletto Heels are the slim heels, often used for sexy heels dance, or a slow pace dance like Kizomba!

2.2- Sole

Usually dance shoes have a Wildleder Sohle in order to spin easier and provide a better flexibility to your foot, and hence improve your overall performances.

However, if you planed to use your dance shoes outside, you will have to consider adding a rubber sole and your Tanzschuh neu besohlt your dance shoes.

Suede sole can only be used indoor, while Rubber sole can be used on both. However, by adding Rubber sole, you will loose some of the flexibility. But it will still be much better than an everyday heels you can purchase in a retail shop!

2.3- Ankle Straps & T-bar Heels Shoes

Ankle Straps and T-bar Heels Shoes are usually the best for beginners as long as they hold your ankle tight!

Check our full article on T-Bar dance Shoes Comprehensive Guide!

Shop t bar heels in Australia

Shop Ankle straps heel shoes

3- Top 6 Latin Dance Shoes for Women Reviews

Here are our all time favourite products:

We Wrote many articles regarding what would be the perfect dancewear and perfect Tanzschuhe für Anfänger

4- Shop now

Latin dance shoes are a must-have for any dance enthusiast. Whether you’re looking to add a little spice to your salsa nights or want to get your groove on during salsa lessons, these shoes will have you looking and feeling like a ballroom dance queen.

4.1 Product Category

4.2 Womens dance shoes

4.3 Womens dance Boots

4.5 Ballroom Dance Shoes

5- Search Our store

Looking for the perfect Latin dance shoes? We’ve got you covered! In addition to a wide variety of shoes, we also have reviews and helpful tips on each product page. Plus, our free shipping policy means that you’ll always save money when shopping with us. So don’t wait any longer – visit our store today!

Die besten Lateintanzschuhe für Frauen

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6- Super Bundle: The perfect dance shoes for beginners

If you are a beginner dancer, these shoes are perfect for you! They come with two pairs of shoes and a Schuhbürste for free, so you can take care of your dance shoes und clean your shoes after each social dance events!

We made them extremely affordable- making them the ideal dance shoes for beginners.

We also have a special promotion for one shoe + a Shoe brush only

 Refunds and return policy

8- Gifts cards and accessories

Not sure what to offer? Give the gift of love and pre purchase one of our Gift card -It can be used online or in Store!

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if you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email and our friendly team will be there to help you! Good quality Dance Shoes on the Gold Coast and In Australia!


Latin dance shoes are a must-have for any dance enthusiast. They add a lot of excitement and fun to any choreography, making them perfect for Latin Dancing, ballroom dancing, salsa, bachata, merengue, cha-cha-cha, Argentine tango and more. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned dancer, we’ve got the best Latin dance Schuhe für Frauen this year.

Our top picks include tin dance shoes by BELINDA, which are perfect for adding a lot of excitement to your dance routine while being confident that your feet will be perfectly supported!

Latin dance tunes just wouldn’t be the same without the best Latin dance shoes!


Die vielen Gründe, warum Menschen beim Tanzen ganz in Schwarz gekleidet sind

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Wann sind Schuhe beim Tanzen wichtig?

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How do I choose the best Latin dance shoes for my needs?

When choosing Latin dance shoes, it is important to first measure your feet in cm (or inch) and consult our chart on Größe und Form der Absätze

After that, you’ll want to take into consideration where you will be dancing (indoor or outdoor) and what type of flooring or surface you will be using them on. Once you have selected your heels shape and height, as well as your shoe size, just select the colour and design of your choice. You are then ready too go and purchase your new latin shoes!

Our recommendation for a beginner: Black and Tan are the usually most favourite choice ! Easy to match!

Which Latin dance shoe is best for salsa dancing?

Latin dance Shoes are made out of suede and PU-Leder material that makes it flexible, breathable, and lightweight while still providing good stability. They will be the best tool for you to enhance your dance performances.

Additionally, the shoes come in a variety of colors and sizes so that you can find the perfect one for you and look amazing wearing them!

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Geschlossene Zehe shoes are good for ballroom dancing and for beginners who are scared to step on other people toes, or to be stepped on. Open toe shoes are the most popular because less chunky and a bit more elegant!

Not at all. You can use your normal sneakers. Some people use dance sneakers because more comfortable than Tanzabsätze. Overall, Latin dance shoes are recommended when you learn salsa or bachata because they you spin better and reduce the risk of knee injuries!

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