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Black Friday Dance Shoes – Terms & Conditions at Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Dance Shoes Black Friday Sales at Latin Dance Shoes Australia

To get the Black Friday discount, simply do the following.

  • Go online at
  • Enter discount code START25 at checkout
  • Note that sometimes you do need to refresh the page if the discount does not apply straight
  • You will receive -25% on certain articles (Items already on sales are not included in this offer)

Conditions Black Friday Dance Shoes Sales

This promotion is valid from :

  • Start Friday 17 November¬†
  • Ends Saturday 25 November
  • Does not apply on item already in sales
  • Does not apply on certain items

Terms & Conditions of this sales offer

  • Discount codes can only be used once per customer
  • Customized dance shoes refer to footwear that allows you to personalize the heel height, heel shape, or type of sole.
  • All of our customised dance shoes purchased with a discount code are not refundable.
  • Should you wish to exchange any discounted footwear, you will be required to cover the disparity between the sale item and the original item, in addition to two times $19.95 per pair of shoes or two times $24.95 per pair of boots.
  • Latin Dance Shoes Australia retains the right to remove, modify, or extend discount codes at its discretion, with notification provided through newsletters or on the website.
  • This promotion refers to Black friday dance shoes promotion.
  • Check out our payment methods & our Privacy Policy

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Black Friday Dance Shoes sales