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Ariel Yeung wearing our black patent ankle boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Ariel Yeung wearing our black patent ankle boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia. Watch Ariel dancing  with our black patent boots and read why she absolutely recommend buying and wearing Latin Dance Shoes Australia’s dance footwear!

Watch Ariel Yeung dancing with Black patent ankle boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Ariel Yeung dancing bachata in Australia wearing black patent ankle boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia. Customise your own patent black boots online for free at Latin Dance Shoes Australia.

Dancer: Ariel Yeung

Instagram: Ariel Yeung’s Instagram

Dance Boots: Shop Black leather patent women’s boots

Brand: Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Location: Brisbane, Australia

About Ariel Yeung

Ariel Yeung is one of our dance shoes ambassador at Latin Dance Shoes Australia and in those videos, she is wearing our beautiful Black Patent leather boots.

Ariel started her dance journey quite recently and started her international teaching journey end of 2023. She is planning to teach and travel the world in 2024 to expand her reach and become a renown international dancer and teacher.

Ariel Yeung dance most of the latin dance styles, but she mainly focus on Sensual bachata & urban kiz.

Everything about the black leather patent womens boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Arielle dancing with black patent leather boots from Latin Dance shoes australia
Black Patent Ankle Boots

Patent boots black for dancing attributes

Specific attributes to this ankle black patent boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia are as listed bellow.

Patent black boots Heel Height

  • 6 centimetres Heel height  – 2 1/3 inches Heel height

Patent boots black Heel Shape

  • Low heel black patent leather boots with Flare Heel 

Ankle black patent boots Heel number

  • #2899 to customise and get the same heel type


  • Women’s


Dance footwear style

  • Black Patent Ankle boots

Sole type

  • Suede knee high boots

Shop Black patent leather boots

Shop Black patent leather boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Customise our black leather patent boots to fit your needs. Custom made dance boots online. We deliver worldwide.

Interview of Ariel Yeung (ambassador of Latin Dance Shoes Australia)

Interview with Clement Maura, Founder of Latin Dance Shoes Australia, and Ariel Yeung, Ambassador & Sensual Bachata Dancer

Clement Maura (CM): Ariel, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. Let’s start by delving into your dance journey.

Can you share a bit about how you got into dance and what drew you to sensual bachata?

Ariel Yeung (AY): Absolutely, Clement. I began my dance journey about 2 years ago, exploring various styles. Sensual bachata, with its expressive and intimate movements, resonated with me the most. It’s a dance that allows me to connect with both the music and my partner on a profound level.

CM: It’s wonderful how dance can become a profound form of expression.

Moving on to Latin Dance Shoes Australia, what led you to become an ambassador for our brand?

AY: Latin Dance Shoes Australia stood out to me for several reasons. Firstly, the possibility to customize every aspect of the dance shoes is unparalleled. It allows dancers to have a unique pair that reflects their style. Secondly, the customer service is exceptional. The team genuinely cares about dancers and their needs. Lastly, the quality of materials used and the comfort of the shoes make them stand out in the market.

CM: That’s fantastic to hear. We’ve always aimed to offer a personalized and comfortable experience for dancers.

Can you elaborate on how the customization aspect has impacted your dance experience?

AY: Customization has been a game-changer for me. Having the ability to choose the materials, colors, and design elements ensures that my dance shoes not only complement my outfits but also match my personality. It adds a level of individuality to my performances and boosts my confidence on the dance floor.

CM: I’m glad to hear that our customization options have enhanced your dance experience.

Moving on to the quality of materials, how do you think Latin Dance Shoes Australia sets itself apart from other brands in terms of the materials used?

AY: The materials used by Latin Dance Shoes Australia are of the highest quality, whether it is PU leather, Satin, Suede, Rhinestones, leather or patent leather. From the suede soles that provide the perfect balance of grip and smooth movement to the durable and comfortable materials used in the upper part of the dance shoes, every element is carefully selected. It’s this commitment to quality that truly sets the brand apart.

CM: Quality is paramount for us. Now, let’s talk about the comfort factor.

Why do you consider Latin Dance Shoes Australia to have the most comfortable Latin dance shoes on the market?

AY: The comfort of Latin Dance Shoes Australia is unmatched. The shoes are designed with the dancer’s comfort in mind, ensuring that we can dance for extended periods without any discomfort. The padding, the fit, and the overall ergonomic design make these shoes a pleasure to wear.

CM: I’m delighted to hear that our focus on comfort has made a positive impact. Lastly, we recently gifted you a pair of our Black Patent Ankle Boots.

How has your experience been with these particular dance shoes?

AY: I absolutely love the Black Patent Ankle Boots! They not only look stunning but also provide excellent support and comfort. I recently shared a sensual bachata dance video wearing those black patent ankle boots, and the response from the dance community was incredible. Those dancing boots add a touch of glamour to my performances.

CM: We’re thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying the boots, Ariel.

Lastly, where can our audience find this video of you dancing in the Black Patent Ankle Boots?

AY: The video is available on the Latin Dance Shoes Australia website, and we’ve shared it across our social media platforms. It’s a visual representation of how these boots not only look amazing but also enhance the dance experience.

CM: That’s fantastic! Thank you, Ariel, for sharing your insights and experiences with Latin Dance Shoes Australia. We appreciate your role as an ambassador, and we look forward to continuing this dance journey together.

AY: Thank you, Clement. It’s truly a pleasure to represent a brand that aligns so perfectly with the needs and aspirations of the dance community. Let’s keep dancing!

About Latin Dance Shoes Australia

Latin Dance Shoes Australia is Australia’s industry leading dance shoes company. We specialise in latin dance shoes, ballroom dance shoes and custom made dance heels for commercials & high heels dance classes. We also sell swing dance shoes, tap dance shoes, Jazz shoes, and like in this article, rubber or suede black patent ankle boots for dancers.

At Latin Dance Shoes Australia, you can customise any of the following attributes listed bellow at no additional cost.

Buy dance shoes  and black patent ankle boots that meet your dance needs, personal preferences and dance level.

Thank you for reading our post about Ariel wearing our black patent ankle boots for bachata dancing.

black boots patent leather (black patent ankle boots)
Black Patent Ankle boots

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear black patent leather ankle boots for dancing, or are they more suitable for casual wear?

At Latin Dance Shoes Australia, our black patent leather ankle boots are crafted with the dancer in mind. Designed for both style and functionality, these boots are perfect for any dance occasion, providing a sleek and polished look that enhances your dance experience. At Latin Dance Shoes Australia you can also customise the type of sole of your dance boots, and add a rubber sole making those black patent ankle boots suitable for casual wear as well as latin ballroom dancing or any dance in heels.

Caring for the shine of your black patent leather ankle boots is easy with our quality materials. Simply wipe away dirt or smudges with a soft, damp cloth. For a deeper clean, our recommended leather cleaner ensures your boots maintain their elegance. Trust Latin Dance Shoes Australia for footwear that stays polished and performance-ready.

Our black patent leather ankle boots from Latin Dance Shoes Australia are incredibly versatile. Whether you’re dancing salsa, bachata, or any Latin style, these boots add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. Elevate your dance wardrobe with the timeless and stylish appeal of our carefully designed dance footwear.

Sizing your black patent ankle boots is made easy with our guidance at Latin Dance Shoes Australia. Latin Dance Shoes Australia prioritizes the dancer’s experience, ensuring our black patent ankle boots are crafted with features that enhance performance. From the ergonomic design for comfort to the sleek style that boosts confidence, these boots are meticulously created to elevate your dance journey.

At Latin Dance Shoes Australia you can customise your dance shoes and  the type of sole for any dance shoes. Opt for a rubber sole for outdoor dancing and suede soles for indoor dancing events. Suede soles are more flexible but rubber soles provide more grip. Check out our guide to know what dance shoes to wear on any surface.

To maintain the upper material of your dance boot, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away dirt, and store them in a cool, dry place. To remove the dust under the suede soles, use a proper dance shoe brush. Our commitment to quality ensures these boots not only retain their stylish appearance but also provide lasting functionality for your dance endeavors.

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