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Advantages of a pair of good dance shoes | Do they make a Difference in your dancing?

Last Updated on December 11, 2023 by Clement

Advantages of a pair of good dance shoes | Do they make a Difference in your dancing ?

Are dance shoes good?

Are dance Shoes Good?

Everything you need to know about dance shoes & How to find good dance shoes!

If you’re new to the world of dance, you might be wondering if you need to invest in a pair of dance shoes. The simple answer is: most likely! In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of dance shoes so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not they are the right fit for you.

informed decision dance shoes

All About Dance Shoes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 

In this article, we will be talking about different important aspect of dance shoes. We will first be briefly talking about the history of dance shoes through the ages and period of time. Then going straight into the purpose of dance shoes (elaborate about the qualities as well as the disadvantage). Consider which one is the best regarding what type and style of dance you do (from ballroom to latin, to street dances like hip hop). And finally, give our best recommendations and finish with some surprising facts about dancing shoes. We hope you enjoy that will follow!

History of dance shoes 

Women’s have been wearings heels from the middle age until today. However, they did not look the way you could expect a pair of shoes to be right now. 

During that period, only noble used them. But it all started to change during the renaissance. The dance at court was highly praised and looked after. Good manners, dance skills and stunning outfit was necessary and required. In 16th century, rulers decided to use to dance to distract their court. And nobles used that to create social connection and improve their influence.

Louis XIV of France

Credit Picture Wikipedia

Ballet shoes started to be imported and popular in Europe was ballet dance shoes in the late 16th century early 17th century.

Jazz, ballet and tap shoes started to make their appearance and to be popular.

Fast forward to nowadays, a beautiful dance shoes is an indispensable element of any women. It is the same as a hand bag. Through subtle elements, you can show off your social stature, and wealth. It offer undeniable qualities for any dancers, on top of making the mens’ head turn towards you!

What is the purpose of a dance shoes? The Good 

Ok, let’s start now with the positive!

Good Dance Shoes provide stability and support 

Did you ever felt that your everyday heels felt loose and not supportive? Or after a long day of work, walking around with high heels, you felt your feet bruising?

Well, this is not suppose to happen with a good pair of dance shoes! They are indeed designed to provide support and stability for your feet. Most of them have a tight supportive ankle strap which will maintain you feet and ankles as you move. This can definitely help prevent injuries, particularly in the long run after hours of dance practice, rehearsal on high heels and dance shoes!

Heels Dance Boots melbourne Vespa

Good Dance shoes have better sole- suede sole – Part I 

Yes, you heard it right! Underneath any shoes, you will found some suede sole. That will help you spin better and faster, while diminishing the friction between the floor and your dance shoes! It is the most popular sole and will help you slide and spin on the floor with ease! Did you ever wondered why dance shoes have suede sole? Read this article

However, we do have some of our students, and dancers that do not want a suede sole and prefer vegan dance shoes. Lucky, we do offer that too!

Daisy dance shoes ballroom gold coast

Good Dance shoes are more flexible Suede sole – Part II

Yes, they are extremely flexible, and this is the reason why dancers use them instead of a normal pair of dance shoes! They will follow your foot movement without blocking it’s natural shape and direction. And this is something normal shoes like sneakers can not do!

best comfortable dance shoes

Good Dance shoes are a lot more comfortable 

Absolutely! And that’s also linked to the fact that dance shoes are extremely flexible! The shoes will then follow the movement and shape of your feet while you are walking, dancing or spinning! It will then incur less discomfort! Dancers use them around the world for that reason during latin practice, or social dancing!

Good Dance shoes have better straps and cushion able Microtel insole

Everything is in the title!

And if you try some dance shoes, you will notice the difference directly!

The straps are holding your feet tight while the sole allow flexibility for comfort!

Good Dance shoes have different Type of heels shape (flared etc) 

Cuban heels or character shoes 

Think men dance shoes, thick heel to attain maximum stability!

Those are good when you start dancing ballroom or latin dancing with no experience. They are great practice shoes! However, we would not want to stick to them forever! There is so many other beautiful options – let’s check them!

character shoes

Flared heels 

Flared heels shoes are thin in the middle and thicker down the bottom. That allow a bigger surface in contact with the floor, hence more stability!

Straight Stiletto Heels 

Thos are definitely for advanced dancers and professionals! The heels thickness diminish the closest you get to the floor! Imagine on a 10cm heels! You need an amazing control of your balance and weight!


Check our Dance shoes Heels size and shape article

Different activities require different dance shoes | Understand the difference

Dance Fitness Gold Coast

Best shoes for cardio 

For cardio or dance fitness, we would recommend everyone to dance with sneakers. They would reduce the amount of shock and absorb a lot more when you jump. On the long run, it will definitely prevent many injuries!

womens dance shoes

Best dance shoes for women latin dancing 

Even though it depends of your level, we would say that from beginners to intermediate, a 7 cm flared heel would be the best! However, from intermediate + to advanced, we would recommend straight stiletto heels because they look absolutely stunning!

Overall, dance shoes are supposed to be tight ! Choose a pair of shoes that is the most supportive towards your ankle!

What Shoes to Wear to Dance Class?

The Best Salsa Dance Shoes For Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Dance Shoes For Ballroom Dancing

Bridal Dance Shoes australia
Bridal shoes

Best dance shoes for dancing at weddings 

For a wedding dance, we would recommend a very low heels dance shoes. Indeed, you are not a professional dancer or learning how to dance for years. You most likely did couple of wedding dance lessons, so you will not have time to learn how to dance properly with heels. For that reason, we would recommend a product like this  to consider!

Lilly bridal dance shoes australia

Bridal shoes

However, if you are a dancer, or are taking regular classes, then go for it and try a flared heel shoes!

Latin dance shoes

Best shoes for latin dancing

Starting with some 7cm flared heels would be your best options! Before trying out 8cm, 8.5cm 9 cm and then 10cm!

Keep the straight stiletto heels for after months (or years!) of dance practice!

Ballroom dance shoes latin dance shoes front page

Best  ballroom shoes

Any 7cm flared heels are good! However, we recommend to stay away from stunning rhinestones for ballroom dancing! Most dancers wear plain colours like black and tan! But nothing stop you to be different! 

Best tap dance shoes

Tap dancing requires a certain type of heels and there is many variations. You can choose between lace up tap shoes, fully sole flat Oxford tap , split sole flat Oxford tap  and Character heels!

The fully sole flat Oxford are the best option for beginners!

Dance Sneakers

This one is a matter of personal choice. Nike, Adidas and converse do amazing sneakers to dance with! We prefer the Nike one. What about you?

hip hop dance

Best dance shoes for hip hop

For Hip Hop, we would definitely recommend the latest Hip Hop Nike Air Force one sneakers

hip hop nike Air Force 1

Supportive, comfortable and so trendy!

Let’s talk about the Bad!

Now let’s see what are the disadvantages 

Firstly, they can be expensive, particularly if you need to replace them frequently.

That’s why it is important to know how to take care of your dance shoes !

Dance Shoes Brush accessories

They can also be uncomfortable on your first day , especially if you’re not used to wearing them. 

But this will change over time with couple more use!

And finally, they are made and designed to be soft and remove unnecessary traction on the sole. They can be slippery, which can lead to falls if you’re not careful.

Dance shoes can also cause blisters, calluses and other foot and low back issues. But this is the same for any other shoes. Good dance shoes will definitely lower the risk of blisters.

That’s why The one thing you can do is to buy a premium quality shoes and good dance shoes.

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Sunshine Coast’ Best Dance Shoes Shop

dance shoes cairns australia

Advantages of a pair of good dance shoes

Couple of Shoe advices

Don’t choose a shoes for her look but her ability to be supportive, comfortable and fit like a glove!

They can not be used on concrete 

Now this is a  negative point indeed. Ballroom and latin dance shoes can not be used on concrete with a suede sole or wear outside. However, there is a good news! You have the possibility to replace the suede sole with some rubber sole. You will loose a bit in flexibility, but overall, you will be able to dance indoor and outdoor with the same pair of shoes!

They can smell bad 

Sadly, because of the material, dance shoes can be smelling bad. If not properly cared for, they can also start to smell bad pretty quickly. But there is a solution. Purchase two pairs, and alternate them is one of the solution!

Wait – what about The Ugly ?

There is none ! Did you actually thought that there would be something particularly Ugly and give us a good reason not to consider buying dance shoes? Like everything there is pro and cons, but overall, they are amazing. And once you try them, you might even resole all your normal shoes for a rubber dance sole, so you can use them for work everyday!

Latin dance boots Gold Coast

Surprising facts

Heels were made and designed for men! 

During the renaissance, they were highly praised by men, to increase their height, and give a sentiment of superiority!

Louis XIV of France

The most expensive pair of shoes was sold for …. $660 000 

Yes, you read it properly! An astonishing amount of $660 000 for a per of ruby slippers from the 1939 Wizard of Oz actress Judy Garland!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear dance shoes as normal shoes ?

Yes absolutely! But make sure to resole your shoes with rubber sole! You would still gain in flexibility and will be able to keep the same shoes regardless if you go to work or to social!

Best shoes for dancing on concrete ?

Here we recommend the hip hop sneakers or the re sole latin shoes! It depends on what type of dance do you do!

Is it easier to spin  and to dance with dance shoes? 

Yes absolutely! And that’s why people buy dance shoes, for their improved flexibility, maximum support and extremely comfortable aspects!

shoes every woman should have

Do you need dance shoes?

Everyone should have some ! Not just to dance but also to go to work. Resole them and your feet will thanks you later!

There is  a growing demand for dance shoes 

Home – Latin Shoes Australia

In 2014, the popularity dancing as an activity in Australia topped 10 percent of its population according to an annual survey!

In the last year nearly 2 million people participated in baller!

Latin Dancing have been growing considerably  since 2010 in Australia, with many festivals and event popping every year in each Australian cities.

There is also a bigger demand for dance schools in Australia. Since the Covid hit, everyone want more social interactions and dancing is one of them!

Check dance classes gold coast

why do dancers wear heels

Difference between cheap and expensive shoes ?

I think that there is no surprises here! If you want some good, flexible, durable and comfortable shoes, you do need to invest and purchase a more expensive one!

Now we are not talking millions! $100  to $150 would be a good average per dance shoes! You will feel the difference trust us!

How do I take care of my shoes?

Lucky for you, we wrote an article! In a nutshell, alternate your shoes regularly, clean the sole with a brush for longer durability and sustainability, let them air, and don’t wet them!  


How do singers dance in heels without falling?

Well this one as well has been covered! In a nutshell, purchase lower dance heels first, and practice! Lot of practice!We also recommend to purchase a good Dance shoes with premium Quality so they last you longer!

How do you dance in heels without falling?

Is wearing dance shoes a requirement?

No, it is not ! But it is an amazing product that can help you everyday and truly change your life! And a pair of Good Dance Shoes will make a huge different in your dance!

Conclusion of owning a pair of good dance shoes: 

So there you have it—the good, the bad, and the ugly . Now it’s up to you to decide whether or not they’re right for you. If you decide to give them a try, we recommend investing in a good pair that will last you a while. And don’t forget to take care of them so that they’ll take care of your feet!

Thank you for reading our article regarding the Advantanges of a pair of good dance shoes

Looking for the shoes that will fit you perfectly?

Contact us and we will be able to help to find the good dance shoes that will fit you perfectly!

Thank you for reading our guide about the advantages of a pair of good dance shoes.


Advantage of a Pair Of Good Dance Shoes

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